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  • Thanks for your encouraging comment. My husband is very supportive, the rest of the family doesn’t live close by, but our supportive. I’ve just listened to some of videos done by women with ovarian cancer on your site and they gave me a good feeling, so thank you for having them available.
  • Hello @bluesky - sorry you are dealing with this disease.... I hope you are coping well this evening and have found the answers and support you need. I found it encouraging to listen to the stories from the women posted on the main site,
    https://ovariancanada.org/ as well as viewing some of the recorded webinars.
  • Hi everyone.  My husband found this site and he's found it very interesting and hopeful.  I'm 59, BRCA1 mutation positive, and have completed my 7 rounds of chemo and surgery (which only removed ovaries and tubes, and the rest was "suboptimal debulking"). I went completely vegan while waiting for the initial diagnosis in June 2019 and I feel really well; my mother passed away from stage 4 ovarian cancer a year younger than I am currently.  It's been much more emotional a journey than I ever would have expected; my family (husband and two university-age daughters) have been amazing.  I'll find out more Monday about the "next stage" which may be a clinical trial, so I'll be poking around in here to learn much more.  Thank you to all the brave women and folks who make this site a reality.  :)
  • Welcome @apricotsinmypocket... sorry you are having to deal with this disease - glad you have a support system in place and it is good to hear you feel well. Agreed, the emotional impacts are difficult. We are here to support you as much as we can and wish you the best outcome possible for your upcoming appointment.
    Hoping you find support here under the various topics from women in similar situations.You can click on the search bar at the top for topics or on any of the user names to see their comments and stories. 
    If you are around at 7:00 PM CST, we try to "meet live" on Teal Tuesdays.

    You can also visit the main site https://ovariancanada.org/ to find events, encouragement, support and view pre-recorded webinars.

    And, If you have not received the support resource By Your Side - you can order here:
  • Good Evening! I was diagnosed with high serous ovarian cancer, stage 4, April 24, 2019. I had three rounds of chemo. Then had a complete hysterectomy and debulking. Following that, I had three more chemo treatments. Last chemo was Oct. 1. Since then I’ve struggled with chemo damage. I recently went on gabapetin 300 mg to help with nerve pain and it has helped.
    Three weeks ago, I started menstrual like symptoms - cramps, abdominal and back pain. Also experiencing a watery brown tinted discharge. Oncologist ordered a cat scan. Met with doctor yesterday. Scan shows no sign of clumps of cancer. I am relieved. Oncologist is concerned because the lymph nodes in my back are swollen. She hasn’t seen this before and is not sure what it means.
    Oncologist has ordered a cat scan in four weeks to see where things are at.
    in the meantime, I’ve gone on hydromorphone (narcotics) to control increasing pain in back and abdomen.
    Has anyone had a similar situation? I’d appreciate any suggestions or comments.  Thank you! 
    I read By Your Side as soon as I was diagnosed and have ordered Still By My Side, which I am looking forward to reading. I have gotten value from listening to the clips of different women sharing their stories and experiences. It has been encouraging and comforting. 
  • Hello @BisonBaby - hope today's message finds you comfortable and feeling ok. Sorry to hear you are dealing with these recent issues. It sounds like the medical team is looking after your concerns - hope that is comforting to you.
    Yes, the videos and guides are  so encouraging to us all!
  • Thanks @Flowergirl! The oncologist increased the dosage of hydromorphone yesterday. This has decreased my pain level and increased my comfort level. I’m still getting my head around the medical approach of no immediate action when signs of cancer return. My oncologist explained this at the end of my six chemo treatments. I had assumed blood tests would be done at each follow up appointment. I was told studies indicate that giving treatment when you do not have symptoms does not improve survival.
  • Hello @BisonBaby - glad to hear the pain is more controlled for you now.
    Yes, it is really hard to wrap your mind around the watch and wait approach, especially when you have had so much contact and direction from the medical team as you go thru treatment. I found watching the recorded webinars a few times really helped me with that understanding and the process.
    Scroll down to view the previous recorded ones:
    You can view here:
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