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Let's get started! Come and introduce yourself

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Welcome to OVdialogue! I'm Fearless, aka Kathi, a survivor and  the new moderator of this community for women living with ovarian cancer.  Marilyn, our original moderator and staff member at OCC has since retired.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the site or issues navigating it.  I do check my private messages regularly.  

This site was created specially for you to provide a place to connect, share your story, ask questions, offer encouragement and receive support from others who have been in your shoes.  

So, pull up a chair, take a seat and introduce yourself.  Where are you today on your journey with ovarian cancer?  Is there anything in particular you would like to share?




  • P.S. Feel free to start a new discussion if you have a specific topic you'd like to discuss beyond introductions.
  • Hi Amanda!  Welcome!  You are the first of many to join this new community!  Thanks for sharing what's been happening for you.  What do you hope to gain from participating in OVdialogue?
  • Me too!  Looking forward to it!
  • Hi Karen!  Welcome!  Glad to hear you are doing so well!  Let me introduce you to @AmandaRoseRebs
  • @birdee Hi Birdee - welcome! Thanks for sharing your BRCA status.  I suspect there will be women who may have questions for you or who are also BRCA positive.  How have you handled this with your family?

    Thanks for posting a new discussion about living with anxiety, too.  
  • Hi Kelly!  @K_BrancOV  Welcome!  So sorry to hear that you were misdiagnosed.  That must have been very upsetting and disheartening for you.  And now, dealing with more chemo and more surgery.  Are you finding it difficult to wait for the results of the CT scan?  How do you deal with the waiting?

    How do others deal with waiting for test results? Any thoughts or tips? @AmandaRoseRebs @KarenL @birdee

  • @Jackie Hi Jackie - welcome! Congratulations on five years cancer free!  That's great, although with 3 surgeries and lots of chemo you have been through a lot too.  It is great to have you as part of the community - and another animal lover!  There are several  :)
  • @WandaB Hi Wanda - welcome! I would say you are one of those brave women you refer to ! Kelly  @K_BrancOV  was also misdiagnosed so you may have some things to talk about.  What chemo are you on now and how is that going?  
  • Hi Tam!  @Flowergirl  Welcome!  Thanks for checking in - yes excitement is building for this new online community and the Walk of Hope coming up.  Thanks for your support! 
  • Hi @kastoyles - Welcome!  Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary and that you are starting to feel more like yourself again.  Love your sense of humour!  Was sleeping through the night a problem before your diagnosis or since?  Do you think it is related to chemo or surgical menopause or something else?  How are you trying to deal with this?  

    Maybe some of the other women have experienced this too..... does anyone else have this problem?  If so, how do you deal with it? 
  • JaneWest
    I look forward to meeting you @jemgirljeri at the Walk. I hear we will be wearing the teal tshirts, so it will be easy to identify survivors. 

  • @Marilyn I've had sleeping issues for a long time, but they are worse now than before diagnosis and treatment.  I'm trying to avoid taking sleep aids (other than melatonin), so some nights are better than others. Since I'm retired and not bound to a schedule and work, we just work around my bad nights. It is what it is and I'm not going to let it get me down.
  • @KarenL your story is so close to mine... I have a few years on you, I'll be 63 in November. Glad to hear you are doing well!
  • @meganG Hi Megan.  Welcome to the site!  I'm sure you are glad to be finished chemo again! I hope you have been able to enjoy this long weekend with your family and walking those dogs!  
  • @BrittMK  Hi Britt!  Welcome to the site!  It was good to have you on the webinar it - glad you could participate!  I look forward to catching up with you soon.  
  • jiselle16
    jiselle16 Peer Support Vol
    Hello all! I'm 32 years old and was diagnosed with stage 1C clear cell carcinoma last year. Clear cell is one of the more rarer types of ovarian cancer - so it is comforting to meet others like @kastoyles who are in a similar boat! My treatment was a full hysterectomy plus 6 rounds of carbo and taxol. The hysterectomy was tough decision as my husband and I were thinking of starting a family and we had been married less than a year when I was diagnosed. I think the hardest part of having ovarian cancer when you are young is dealing with the life stage you are at - I'm now going through menopause while my friends are having babies. I find that there are good days and bad days post-treatment, but my mantra through treatment and beyond is just to focus on one day at a time. 

    I'm looking forward to participating in the Walk for Hope this upcoming weekend!
  • @jiselle16- I was 61 when I had my hysterectomy - through the worst of menopause - so that was in my favour. I can only imagine what you are going through emotionally, especially at such an early stage in life. Fortunately your cancer was caught early! I do find that the farther I get from diagnosis and treatment that I'm able to cope much better and my state of mind has greatly improved. I feel much more positive and much more at ease.  There are better days ahead!