Just diagnosed with reoccurrence...

Hi my name is Karen....I was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer in August 2015.  I had surgery to remove both ovaries and Fallopian tubes but for whatever reason the surgeon opted to leave my uterus.  I had 4 rounds of chemo and have lived a happy life since that time.  A few months ago I experienced some feint intermittent spotting.  My oncologist did a biopsy and scheduled a CT scan.  The biopsy confirmed stage 1 uterine cancer and much to my shock and dismay, the CT scan showed that the ovarian cancer had returned (stage 1) in several nodules in the perineal lining (inoperable).  My husband and I were stunned and are still reeling as we await further discussions by the ‘tumour board’ at the cancer clinic to be held on the 17th (May 2019) when we’ll find out what type chemo they will recommend.  I am 72 years old with 2 adult children and 5 grandchildren.  I am hoping to find some support and an opportunity to share some of the many concerns and fears one faces with this news.  I have heard some encouraging success stories of survival and am determined to fight the good fight once again.  I look forward to discussions with others facing these challenges.  


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    Hi @SistaK - Karen.. welcome to the  chat. Sorry to hear you are dealing with all of this again. 
    I hope you find the support and care you need.
    You will find shared concerns and coping techniques among us here on the site.
    Do you also have access to in person support?
    You can use the search bar at the top right to find topics or scroll through the main page on discussions. 
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