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Just diagnosed with reoccurrence...

Hi my name is Karen....I was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer in August 2015.  I had surgery to remove both ovaries and Fallopian tubes but for whatever reason the surgeon opted to leave my uterus.  I had 4 rounds of chemo and have lived a happy life since that time.  A few months ago I experienced some feint intermittent spotting.  My oncologist did a biopsy and scheduled a CT scan.  The biopsy confirmed stage 1 uterine cancer and much to my shock and dismay, the CT scan showed that the ovarian cancer had returned (stage 1) in several nodules in the perineal lining (inoperable).  My husband and I were stunned and are still reeling as we await further discussions by the ‘tumour board’ at the cancer clinic to be held on the 17th (May 2019) when we’ll find out what type chemo they will recommend.  I am 72 years old with 2 adult children and 5 grandchildren.  I am hoping to find some support and an opportunity to share some of the many concerns and fears one faces with this news.  I have heard some encouraging success stories of survival and am determined to fight the good fight once again.  I look forward to discussions with others facing these challenges.  


  • Flowergirl
    Hi @SistaK - Karen.. welcome to the  chat. Sorry to hear you are dealing with all of this again. 
    I hope you find the support and care you need.
    You will find shared concerns and coping techniques among us here on the site.
    Do you also have access to in person support?
    You can use the search bar at the top right to find topics or scroll through the main page on discussions. 
  • Trinity
    Hi Karen, I am sorry to hear of your reoccurrence... I don’t have ovarian cancer, but my mother does and she was diagnosed with stage 3 back in 2016. Hers had also appeared in the lining of abdomen.  She was 83 and otherwise in fantastic health.  However, she was not given a good prognosis and was encouraged to just allow nature to take its course. She actually requested to try chemo, and the oncologists reluctantly agreed to 1 treatment.  She did so well she pulled through 6 and “rang the bell”after her last appointment.  It wasn’t easy but she did remarkably well- much to their surprise.  Well, she just turned 86 and a very small “ nodule” has just shown up on a CAT scan, and they are now recommending removal of it with a few more cycles of chemo to follow up.  Her CA 125 marker at the beginning in 2016 was 1400. As of May, 2019, her CA 125 is 11. She is in such good health otherwise, and continues to surprise everyone.  The point of this:  it’s such an individual “condition”, and as much as reoccurrence is both unnerving and irritating, you are in a tremendous position to reach for an inactive state again.  You have also had a long period since 2015.  This is good news. You are a survivor and the options for treatment are encouraging and advancing. Keep your immune system in top form and continue to practice good health: lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, reduce sugar in any form, and practice good relaxation.  This is a time of renewal. There are many, many success stories to read and continue to absorb them.  Never give up on hope and reach out to everyone. Age is never against you ...and you’ve got the positive support of family all around you. Your mind is a powerful tool - listen to it ...keep your faith and enjoy life.  There’s much more ...🙂 Keep your spirit up. 
  • SistaK
    Oh my goodness Trinity, you’ll never know how your note touched my heart and lifted my spirits. My husband and I are driving through the beautiful hills of Tennessee in our way to a wedding in Jasper, Georgia. We decided to take this trip prior to me starting my chemo treatments in the second week of June. Yes, it certainly is a time of renewal and although the thoughts of chemo again are a little overwhelming at times, my faith is strong and I do believe God’s not finished with my journey just yet, every day is a blessing 😊... your beautiful story of your Mom’s journey is a breath of fresh air and a huge encouragement to me. Also your advice on diet and my emotional state is duly noted. I send your Mom my most heartfelt good wishes for continued good health and to you, you are a devoted and loving daughter who is an integral part of your Mom’s success, you are a treasure I’m sure she values beyond words. I will share this with my daughter, she’s 52, my heart and inspires who fought her own battle with breast cancer several years ago. Thanks again Trinity, we’ll chat again 💕 
  • I have recurrent ovarian cancer, I’m 59 years old with three grandchildren and one other due in December.  this is my second recurrence from diagnosis.  I am now on my third round of the third set of treatments and it is going well.  I still get nervous before chemo treatments but I guess that’s normal.  I stay positive by reminding myself that we don’t have to be a statistic, lots of people have lived years beyond what the stats say or doctors think.  Stay strong and stay positive.
  • @love2run - so sorry to hear about your second recurrence and glad to hear about your positive attitude-which is so important! Be a good statistic - one that beats the odds! We are all rooting for you.
  • @love2run, I am sorry to hear about your second recurrence - I just had a second surgery my oncologist thought it had re occurred BUT pathology report showed it was not cancer.  May I ask were you High Grade Serous?  What were your symptoms?   I wish you all the best - stay strong!!!  <3  

  • My first diagnosis was 3b high grade serous.  The cancer had gone into the peritoneum when it was discovered.  The first recurrence was 9 months after end of treatment, not really any noticeable symptoms.  I had six more rounds of chemo and then 1.5 months afterwards I had another recurrence.  The cancer was blocking my small intestine so I was throwing up daily as my bowels couldn’t work.  I ended up 9 days in hospital, surgery, I now have a stoma and am undergoing chemo.  My last bloodwork showed my CA125 increasing slightly, not a good sign however I feel great.  I have one more chemo treatment to go .
  • @love2run Like kastoyles said, you sound like you have a great attitude which is so important.  So sorry the last couple of years have been so rough on you. Hoping this round of chemo does its magic.  I'm dealing with my first recurrence after being a year and a half NED.  Lucky to have qualified for a clinical trial though and so far that's been working for me for almost two years now.  There always seems to be something new in the pipeline of drugs and treatments so, although I'm resigned that I will never be cured,  I never give up hope that I can live a long and happy life anyway.  
    Like beachgirl said...stay strong.  We're all here for you when you need us.  <3