Survivor guilt?

So, I just got my CT scan results today and there is no evidence of disease. Yay. 
I do still have 2 rounds of taxol/carbo left. Boo now, my thing is, I don't feel happy with my CT results. Is this normal? I mean I do feel relieved, but I'm also not looking forward to 2 more rounds of chemo. They suck. Round 2 and 3 were incredibly hard on me. So much so that round 4 was just carbo. 


  • Hi @Ralanda - yes, that is great news.  
    Sorry you still need to get through the chemo. And hoping the team can assist you with managing the side effects.
    As far as not being happy with the results, as you mention, perhaps it is difficult to process all the feelings and situation right now. 
    Numb is the word that comes to mind for me sometimes in this type of situation...  even when things are going right, the anxiety can show up uninvited.  As the support team mentioned to me, find what is in your tool box to cope to get you through those times.  Hoping you are feeling ok today and find what you need to get you through too!