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2019 Walk of Hope


  • Hi Everyone - special package for you!

    There is a special package that is sent out to all women with ovarian cancer who register for the Walk prior to August 9.  This includes a T-shirt created especially for you   :)  

    The Walk is a great opportunity to meet other women with ovarian cancer in person and join together with your community for support and encouragement even if you don't raise a lot of money.  (We hope you will, but being together is equally important  :))

    Read one woman's story as she reflects on the Power of the Walk....

    See where there is walk close to you and register before August 9 to receive your special package from us:
  • Count down is on to the event date - wow, where did July go?

    If you are new to the walk event in your area, know it is a great place to connect with others and find supports in your community. Even if you are not able to actually walk, please consider attending as I hope you will find it as I have .... encouraging to be among those impacted by this disease and to share resources. 
  • I am walking with a small team in Windsor.. first time out this year, and I am looking forward to it. 
  • Great to hear @collegal - hoping you make some great connections!
  • Walk day is around the corner:
    Even if you are not able to actually walk, please consider attending as I hope you will find it as I have .... encouraging to be among those impacted by this disease and to share resources. 
  • Hello.  It’s my first year for the Walk of Hope.  Just a few questions.  I am walking as an individual, but have a couple close family members that want to walk with me.  Do I register them as individuals as well?  Quite honestly, we’ve been through enough this last year and I don’t want them to concentrate on having to put money down, they want to be there for me and I am so appreciative of that.  I have raised a decent amount of money for the walk, but didn’t actually realize that supporters had to register as well until just the other day.  What do you suggest?  Thank you!!!
  • Hello @djapj - so nice you are able to attend the event in your location and have family to be there and support you!
    Your options may depend on your walk location and set up,  and as well as what you mean in terms of support. Congratulations on the fundraising. 

    I believe anyone participating would need to sign up - guessing it is a liability issue as well and for the organizers to know how many people to expect. There are no fees for survivors, volunteers and those under age 17.

    You can view a FAQ page details here and click on your walk location.

    Depending on your walk location and event, last minute volunteers may be needed as well. Be sure to connect with your local walk chair or volunteer coordinator.

    Good luck and I'll be thinking of all of you here on OVdialogue as we walk across the country next weekend.  

    Be sure to follow along under the website, twitter and facebook pages for social media posts and photos! 

  • Hello Teal Sisterhood!
    I hope each and everyone of you felt the warm embrace of hope and support across the country this weekend.
    Lots of walk activity. Best wishes sent to those impacted by the storm and hope you are all safe.
    Be sure to check out the main web page:  (click on the public access sites at the top right side for the social media posts to view photos).
  • Hello everyone - if you have photos to share or inspirations from the walk event in your area, you are welcome to share here. Reminder the site and posts are public so you can choose to not identify individuals or location.
    My team had a great day and we are already planning for 2020... it is nice when the kids are involved as they are so creative and want to help! A big thank you to the participants, volunteers and Ovarian Cancer Canada for their support and commitment.