Low grade serous and hormone therapy


My oncologyst wants to give me hormone therapy. She saw some funny things on my last PET-Scan...
I see her tomorrow and we'll also have the results for the CA-125.
Is there anyone diagnosed with a low grade serous ovarian cancer and put on hormone therapy? Which one do you use?
PS: I ended the carbo/taxol chemo 6 months ago.

Thanks a lot for your responses!



  • Do you mean anti hormone therapy?
    i have low grade too. I tried going on letrozole. The hot flashes I could handle but I found it gave me sore/stiff joints- in every joint.
    so I’m taking a break.

    If you are referring to Estrogen blockers, have you had any success with any of the other ones?
  • Hi Ula,
    I'm taking letrozole too. I've been on it for 7 months now and I don't have any side effects. But that's the only estrogen blocker I've tried.
  • Hi I’ve been on Letrazole for recurrent Low Grade Serous since November 2016. My disease is inoperable. My initial response was a 25% reduction in tumour size. And my disease has remained stable since then - for 3 years. Yes I hate the side effects. Side effects have lessened very gradually over time, they are still there but I suppose I’ve adapted to living with them. I’d like to try going off Letrazole and see what happens but my Gyne oncologist recently informed me that if I do, there’s a risk that my disease will become resistant to the drug. I’m not willing to take that chance. 
  • Cid1Cid1
    Hi there, I'm also low grade and need help. I had debulking surgery in February and waiting for CT scan in August and possibly starting Letrozole. Why are you inoperable?
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