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$10 million - WOW!

MarilynOCC Moderator
edited March 2020 in Events
It has been an exciting week in the ovarian cancer community!  The Federal Government announced a new investment of 10 million dollars in ovarian cancer research as a result of our lobbying efforts over the last four years.  See the announcement on our website!

Did you participate  in any way by sending a letter, postcard, signing the petition or visiting your MP? 

Not everyone was able to be involved but we thank everyone for your support - we all share in this historic moment.

What does this mean to you?


  • jiselle16
    jiselle16 Peer Support Vol
    This was amazing news to hear!! I did some advocacy work with OCC back in 2017 and met with local MPs and MPPs to encourage them to fund research and also show them that this disease affects women of all ages. It's great to see that this work paid off finally!! I was so honoured to be a part of this work :) 
  • Flowergirl
    Thank you for participating @jiselle16 ......Anyone have plans for WOCD  - MAY 8 - in their area?
  • Luci22
    This is great news.  My mom and I sent the letter, as well as several friends of ours.  I truly hope this $10 million can make a great difference in treatment of ovarian cancer.  Thank you for working so hard on this crucial issue affecting so many lives.
  • I haven't been on the site for some months, it seems!   I sent an email to my MP a while ago, and never got a reply. I also remember sharing on Facebook. 
  • Hi @Elsie13.  Good to hear from you again!  Yes, we were and are very excited about the $10million!  We still haven't actually received any money yet - it takes a long time to get everything set up - but we are working hard to be ready.  The money will be received over a 5 year period and we are planning to do a webinar in the new year to let people know about all the details.  Everyone who sent letters, emails, visited their MPs and MPPs contributed to our success!
    Thank you!  

    How are you doing?  If you haven't been on the site for a while, what have you been up to?
  • @Marilyn, Hello.  I sometimes send letters to the Montreal Gazette, and most don't get published but occasionally one actually does. I decided to start a blog, and then I would post a link to the blog on several Facebook groups.  However, I'm writing about controversial subjects, like Quebec's Bill 21, and I got some negative replies, which only encourages me to keep writing, I think.
         Anyway, my blood tests and CT scan show  No Evidence of Disease. Ahaa, you see what happened, I talked about my blog, and then talked about my health as an afterthought,    so I think that's a good sign. 
  • Hi @Elsie13 - Great that your NED! and that you are not only focussing on ovarian cancer.Your blog sounds very interesting and provocative.  Continued good luck with it!