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Bike ride from Vancouver to Montreal, summer 2019

Hello everyone,

My name is Cecile, I'm 34. I was first diagnosed with low grade serous OC in 2015. Last year the cancer came back and I had to have a major surgery to remove everything. I also underwent chemotherapy treatments that ended in August. To help me get through this, I thought of a way to keep my mind busy and my body active. Since biking is my daily means of transportation, I decided I would bike from Vancouver to Montreal this summer. I'm doing this to raise awareness and to connect with other affected women and/or their families. This is also my way of reclaiming my health and body.
My route is now planned and I'm looking for places to stay along the route. Several women have already reached out to me and I'm pretty excited to meet them and share our stories. I thought OV would also be a good place to share my project.
I have set up a facebook page where you can find the cities/towns I will visit:
I also put the picture down here.
I will be doing this with my girlfriend Nora, so if you are willing to host us, please reach out :)

Lots of love  <3


  • I forgot to mention that I'm also encouraging people to bike with us for a portion of the ride if they wish! We will mainly bike on the Trans-Canada (highway 1)
  • Flowergirl
    Thanks so much @Chezilme - we are all looking forward to connecting with you and doing some riding when or as much as we can.
    Wishing you all the best for the training and out on the road!
  • Linda
    Thank you @Chezilme it sounds amazing !! I live in Niagara (too far from Trans Canada Hwy) but I will be following your epic journey ☀️🦋
  • Thanks a lot @Linda!!