Metastasis - Ovarian Cancer - Genetic testing

Hi everyone, I'm hoping to gather some info on Genetic or Genome Testing.   Here is my updated situation.  I was diagnosed Stage 3C - High Grade Serous ovarian cancer - involving both ovaries.  The first 3 roundsof Carbo/Paclatax did nothing, the surgery was postponed, then put on Doxil./Carbo for three rounds, which resulting in the cancer is now stable but also found out it now involves my liver and lungs. Now decision for three more rounds, then CT to see if the Doxil has started to reduce the size of the turmors/cancer. I have an appoint with BC Cancer Agency for Hereditary Cancer assessment.   I have a lot of cancer in my family so I assume it is a hereditary issue.  I am confused about the difference between Genetic and Genome testing.  If my cancer is a result of mutated cell (whether familial Brca 1 or Braca2) is there somewhere I can get testing done so I can hopefully be provided the specific mutation and also hopefully get Targeted treatment. I live in British Columbia and have no problem providing fund for private testing if necessary.  

Sorry if I come across a little confused but to be honest I am (Chemo yesterday and notified of lung and liver involvement 2 days ago) :)    I look forward to any thoughts you ladies might have.  


  • Hi @LaurieG - welcome to the site - thank you for sharing where you are at.
    I hope you have been managing well with the treatments.

    The comment I can share on this topic is about the POG study in BC.
    I watched the documentary on it and it was very interesting. 

    There are many topics here on the site and perhaps you may find some more info on the BRCA status details and more by entering the topic on the search bar at the top right.

    I'll also private message you. 
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