I’ve been having some issues with surgical menopause. My oncologist gave me a prescription for Premarin. Anyone have any experience with it? Thanks. 


  • Hi @djapj, did you ever get an answer to your question about Premarin?  I've not had any experience with it myself, but you may want to try contacting @MarilynOCC.  She is one of the National Directors at Ovarian Canada, and I bet she can connect you to someone who has had a similar experience to yours.  I hope your issues are well in hand or resolving.  Kind wishes, maggiemae
  • Some of my issues seem to be getting better, thank you, @maggiemae.  Its a longer climb back than I had anticipated. 

  • Yes @djapj, I certainly found that as well....for myself, I've not yet re-gained my previous levels of energy.  I still hope I may do so but am keenly aware that my oncologist has told me some never do.  Only time will tel :-).  Best wishes, M
  • Lots of live changes, for sure.  We just keep pushing on!!! @maggiemae

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