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Doxil and Fatigue

Hi, after 3 rounds of Paclitaxel/carboplatin ( every 3 weeks) it turned out it had no effect on the tumors.  So now now I have started Doxil/carboplatin (every 4 weeks).  When I was on the first regiment I could always count on starting to feel better by the end of the second week.   On this regiment I am very exhausted and some what weak.  I'm wondering if any of you lovely ladies has any experience when my energy level might start to return on this 4 week schedule.  


  • Hi, the effect of your doxil, which I assume is in the genre of Doxorubicin (Caelyx) is something I share. I am receiving monthly Liposmal Doxirubicin now as monotherapy because I am resistant to Carboplatinum, and this is now used in my case as a palliative approach. You are right in saying that with the earlier regimens of carboplat with taxol,  one could count on getting out of the rut in approximately one week, whereas this current chemo extends the wretchedness to two weeks. The chemo nurse explained to me that the liposomal  action “lays the drug down into your fat tissues to hold it in your body longer”, and for this reason the extended effects - both adverse and beneficial. So two weeks out if four, it’s a drag. But perhaps it’s what it takes to slow down the OvCa. I hope that you can manage your treatment ups and downs, and that you’ll share any gems you discover on how to feel better! 
  • Thanks for sharing that @jsullivan33.... this was a very good insight " lays the drug down into your fat tissues to hold it in your body longer” - can help explain those side effects for sure.
  • Thanks for the information, it is always so helpful.