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Cancer Nutrition

Hello everyone🙂 
I am a Certified Holistic Cancer Practioner, and I just wanted to send a greeting. My mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer in 2016. Prognosis was not favourable. However, she went through 6 Chemo cycles of Carboplatin. I worked with her closely to keep immune system strong. She is coming up for 86, enjoying life with "no activity" of cancer. You can visit my website: There is always hope. Stay healthy. 🙂
Megan Thompson. 


  • jiselle16
    jiselle16 Peer Support Vol
    Hi @Trinity! Glad to hear that your Mom got through treatment and is doing well. There always is hope! Do you have any tips on what to eat or avoid eating during and post treatment?
  • Flowergirl
    Hi @jiselle16
    There are a few good cook books I was able to find in our local cancer resource centre 
    As well,  your local Cancer Treatment Centre may offer nutritional services 
    And this is always a reliable source:
  • I binge watch cooking shows to help get an appetite, find new and interesting "good" foods, it encourages me eat better.
  • Hi @devanator
    I too like to watch cooking shows.  Currently me favorite, although I am sure its somewhat dated, are the Jamie Oliver 15 Minute Meals.
    I think there might be a gift for my birthday from my hubby coming sometime soon (once I request it that is! :smile:
    If anyone else has any 'easy, no need to go and buy special ingredients' recipes, I would be interested.
  • Since my diagnosis in 2016, i have been researching nutrition and cancer, my friends and family also researched it for me. There is so much information out there, it gets a little overwhelming. Somethings i did or just started doing:  I cut out all added sugars from my diet, all processed foods. I am increasing fresh vegetables and fruits, decreasing my intake of red meat. I am considering going vegetarian, but I need more information before i take the jump. For one thing, how safe is it to eat soy product with ovarian cancer? Some say it is ok, even helps, some research says it promote cancer growth...have to read more on this. 

     I really love watching Jamie Oliver too! Real food, good taste, not complicated! And he is easy to look at....!!! :) 

    Anyone out there also eating Keto? 

  • Fearless_Moderator
    It's great you're giving nutrition some priority.  I agree, googling the subject can be overwhelming and so much information, much of which is contradictory.  I finally realized that if I wanted to do it right....having gone on Weight Watchers for a while...successfully at first and then started having bowel issues....I'd ask for a referral to my cancer center nutritionist.  I'm going to assume yours has someone or a team like mine at KGH does.  I had two meetings with her. One to talk about health and my habits and past history of trying different diets etc.  Second meeting was to go over her assessment and a plan she was recommending to me.  Interesting to find that a high fibre diet is a real No No for me....I needed a diet that was a balance between medium and low fibre with emphasis on the low.  That's how I eat today and it works for me.  
  • Hi Fearless, 
    I did share my diet with my health team, they actually included this in my file, maybe they are curious how my diet may help me? 
    I also read a very interesting book from Jason Fung: the cancer code. It is a review of what has been done in cancer research and treatment up to now, asks questions, suggest potential answer; the book includes a disclaimer stating that the author as no answers, doesn't recommend one treatment over another, just looks at cancer from different scientific perspectives.  It was interesting.  Just putting it out there! 
  • Diet has definitely been a problem for me since I went back to work and am now on Gemcitabine (Avastin was not working to keep my cancer in check).  Snacking is actually the best thing and low fibre for sure but it is hard to stay on track.  Thank goodness for all those recipe sites!