Cancer Nutrition

Hello everyone🙂 
I am a Certified Holistic Cancer Practioner, and I just wanted to send a greeting. My mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer in 2016. Prognosis was not favourable. However, she went through 6 Chemo cycles of Carboplatin. I worked with her closely to keep immune system strong. She is coming up for 86, enjoying life with "no activity" of cancer. You can visit my website: [email protected] There is always hope. Stay healthy. 🙂
Megan Thompson. 


  • Hi @Trinity! Glad to hear that your Mom got through treatment and is doing well. There always is hope! Do you have any tips on what to eat or avoid eating during and post treatment?
  • Hi @jiselle16
    There are a few good cook books I was able to find in our local cancer resource centre 
    As well,  your local Cancer Treatment Centre may offer nutritional services 
    And this is always a reliable source:
  • I binge watch cooking shows to help get an appetite, find new and interesting "good" foods, it encourages me eat better.
  • Hi @devanator
    I too like to watch cooking shows.  Currently me favorite, although I am sure its somewhat dated, are the Jamie Oliver 15 Minute Meals.
    I think there might be a gift for my birthday from my hubby coming sometime soon (once I request it that is! :smile:
    If anyone else has any 'easy, no need to go and buy special ingredients' recipes, I would be interested.
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