Side Effects Carboplatin and Doxorubicin

The Olaparib stopped working and now once again back to chemo starting Thursday. Last chemo was Cisplatin and Paclitaxel. The Cisplatin gave me permanent tinnitus and low white blood cells (shots for this). It was discontinued after round three. The Paclitaxel caused me to lose all my hair everywhere. Has anyone has experience with either the Carboplatin or the Doxorubicin. I want to be ready for what comes. And what is so sad is that I feel so good right now since stopping the Olaparb. I still have some fatigue but the stomach issues have gone. Back to the trenches.


  • I had carboplatin and paclitaxol - side affects included complete hair loss, some numbness in feet, minor nausea (controlled with drugs), fatigue and trouble sleeping, leg pains for about four days after each treatment. Heard that taking Claritin can help with the leg pains - found that out a short while ago and I finished chemo in 2016. Drink plenty of water before chemo and for a few days following - I found that helped

  • [email protected] Thank you for the info. 
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