Bladder differences???

I am 18 weeks post surgery. Complete hysterectomy. 8.5 pound tumour removed. Stage 1A muscinous carcinoma. 
Has anyone noticed bladder differences post surgery? I have pressure in my bladder pretty much all the time, urinate about every 1.5 hours. Even when I empty my bladder, I can continue to sit on the toilet and sometimes urinate again even though I felt like I was previously empty. 
Does the surgery and healing (I’ve ALWAYS been a slow healer, even as simple as a paper cut) process effect the bladder too? 
Thanks for sharing your stories. Always a huge help. 


  • Hello @djapj - just as the diagnosis and treatments seem to be variable for everyone, so too it seems is this issue. Sometimes, bladder issues change over time.  As always, it may be worth a mention or discussion with your DR team to help put your mind at ease.

    On a personal note, I kept track of the frequency and urgency and it did seem to change over time - helped me to establish a baseline for the new "normal". And I recorded my fluid intake and switched to decaf coffee ;) 
  • @Flowergirl - good advise. I don’t drink anything but water, but I have attempted to up my intake in hopes of helping my bowel issues. Perhaps it’s a side effect of the surgery, perhaps my body is getting used to the increase in water intake. Every single thing seems like a question. Nothing certain. It can feel very overwhelming. 
  • After my hysterectomy I noticed the same thing . I was told that with the removal of the uterus and adjoining parts that there is more room in the abdominal cavity for the intestines and this could cause the feeling of pressure on the bladder. Also there probably was bruising on the bladder. My tumour was actually touching my bladder so some scraping was involved. You should definitely bring this up with your doctor but I would not worry about it .
  • Thank you, @Teddybear. How long did you feel a difference? Did it eventually go back to “normal?”
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    i am sure it was in six months after the surgery . I know it is very stressful when our bodies do things that we aren’t used to. But everything works out and we sort of go back to normal. I don’t know how old you are but with age our bodies naturally change.
  • @Teddybear, such helpful insight. I’m 18 weeks so that tells me I’m being too darn impatient. Lol. I am feeling a bit better than I was just a few short weeks ago so I’ll take that as a win. 
  • Hi @djapj--I was just reading your comment and my own situation is similar but different. I had a Total Hysterectomy in December 2011 when I was 34. I had everything removed but my ovaries. In May 2016, I received my diagnoses of Stage 1B Stromal Cell OC and had my debulking and oophorectomy done in June 2016. After that, I've had nothing by pressure and such with my bladder and bowels. I'm told it's because of the damage that was done during the debulk and overall surgery and that there's now scarring on my other organs. In my case, I have pressure most of the time. If I need to pee, I gotta go when the feeling hits. Otherwise, it really hurts. Both to hold it and then to go. I brought this up with my team and they said it's actually really normal after our surgery. Hopefully, it will get better for you and it won't be so uncomfortable for you. Take care :)

  • Hi Ladies
    Interesting conversation.  It is true that each individual is different.  I have noticed a difference since my total hysterectomy as well.  I should note that I was menopausal when I had surgery.  I had the same symptoms after my surgery and did bring it up with my GP.  Thought that there may have been damage from the catheter use, but everything came back good.
    Now that I am almost 18 months out, the discomfort has abated but the urgency and frequency have not.  Now I have to plan to make it to a bathroom within 40 minutes or I will be in trouble.  Scans of bladder are unremarkable so it must be my new normal. Some say that kegel exercises help, it doesn't for me.
  • @Caitsmom and @Ingrid_Canon - as always, I feel I get more information from my fellow OC ladies than anywhere else. The information you’ve shared has been a huge help. I am coming to terms with things being my new normal. I feel like I am grieving for my “old me.”  Has anyone else had to go through this as well?
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