Foot drop

Any one have any remedies on foot drop after chemo or radtion ket me know thanks


  • Hello @waterhead - I'm not sure what you mean by foot drop... can you explain your experience or side effect issues?
  • Foot drop is usually caused by chemo or radiation wondering if anyone as it or done too relive it or operate or fix it
  • Hi again @waterhead - I've looked up the foot drop definitions - has your DR team offered any solutions supports or options for you?

    Although this is not the same issue you are asking about, on a personal note, I had foot/toe neuropathy and post chemo I did some physio sessions which helped.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue of "foot drop"  or have some pointers to share?
  • Thanks have a brace walk with a limp looking for some other information have had nerve conduction test and spec list look at it 
  • Hi - that is great you have some plans in the works; wishing you all the best with the specialist and hoping you are feeling ok!
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