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Radiation consultation

I have a radiation consultation tomorrow.  I've had a recurrence, 9 rounds of Carbo/Kalex and then vaginal bleeding.  I Gyno Oncologist suggested they might do 5 or 10 radiation treatments.  Has anyone got any advice or suggestions of questions I should ask to help make this decision?


  • @amyc I have not had radiation but if  I want to find any commentary on a subject I type the subject in the search engine and see what I can get.  It brings up all comments with the word in it from all discussions.  You can then maybe contact that person directly with the ampersand ahead of their name.  I hope it assists.  
  • Thanks CurlyHair
  • Hi @amyc

    I just saw your post about radiation, what did you decide? I am also experiencing vaginal bleeding and my oncologist has sent a referral to see about radiation. I am curious whether you went ahead with it and if so, did it help? Sending love!
  • Hello ladies,
    I am wondering if anyone had radiation done to mitigate vaginal bleeding? I would like to know how it went, how many treatments you received, any/what side effects?
    I have my first consultation on April 8th, I will find out then what they have planned for me.