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Painful intercourse

Hello Survivor Sisters
I am recovering well from stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. Had my surgery and chemo at Sunny Brook in Toronto. I am from a smaller city in Northern Ontario. 
I am scheduled for ostomy reversal Nov 30 th. 
Every time I attempt intercourse, it is not comfortable, I have been using coconut oil with lavender essential oil as a lubricant, but it is still uncomfortable. Wondering if this is a common occurance for others.
yours in not feeling it!


  • The oils are what I would have suggested as tissue is dry and sensitive after considerable 'time off'.   Store brand baby oil gel worked for me and certainly helped prepare me for my internal check-ups.  It's thicker than oils.    It would be helpful if doctors explained our vaginas may be 'shorter' after radical hysterectomies - just a thought?

  • BTW   Congratulations and good luck with the ostomy reversal ... well done.

  • @HelRuth thanks for your insight. 
    I was wondering if anyone was going to chime in. It must be a common occurrence. 
    My surgery is today!!!
  • Great accommodation near Sunnybrook Hospital in
  • Flowergirl
    Hello @battleoflife12018 - we will be wishing you well for sure and much"success" as you recover from surgery.
    Thank you @HelRuth for sharing.

    You may also want to check out the previous topic "Can we talk about sex?" (you can use the search bar at the top of this page on the right side above the New Discussion Button)

    And as always, check in with your Dr. or NP to see what is suggested for you and share your concerns with them... is it the dryness? is it because of surgery or treatment? or as mentioned, due to time off.... (you may also want to ask them about dilators and about the types of lubricants you are considering, especially for internal use).

  • @Flowergirl
    Thank you for your guidance. The information in the articles was helpful,especially the info about the bulbocavenous muscle. That seems like the issue for me
    yours in better sex ahead
  • Flowergirl
    good to hear 
    there is an upcoming online session with Desouza institute  -cancerchat online support group

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