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Federal Government Employee Medical Retirement

I apologize if this discussion posts twice. Tried posting from my phone and got errors so trying my computer.

Has anyone gone through the medical retirement route as a Federal Government employee? If so would you contact me to discuss your experience?
Thank you.


  • MarilynOCC Moderator
    edited November 2018
    Hi @dmas125.  Great question.  I don't know anyone off hand who is in this category but will certainly keep my ears open for you!  There may be people who have gone through this at their company that may be able to offer some support but that may be quite different to working with the Federal Government... Are you having some difficulties with this?  Is there something specific that you are struggling with?
  • I’m struggling with what constitutes a “severe” and “prolonged” illness. That’s the criteria for medical retirement. I’ve read of others who have been denied CPP disability for various reasons. So looking to hear if anyone has gone the medical retirement route with the feds. We were given some language to use when dealing with disability insurers. Just wondered if there are recommendations when sending info to health Canada (who approve medical retirement).  
  • Hello @dmas125 - While I have no experience in this issue as of yet, hoping this site and details may help you.
    Will your medical team be of assistance to you with this, especially with the language in their notes/files?
  • Hi @dmas125 You may want to talk to a social worker at the hospital/cancer centre and ask them if they provide that kind of help or if they can refer you to another organization.  I know there are cancer support organizations like Wellspring that provide assistance with this but it is only available in Ontario and Calgary.  Here is their link.  Perhaps you could contact them as well and ask if they could refer you to an organization in your area.