New to Ovarian cancer

I was recently diagnosed with a rare form of Ovarian (Mucinous), anyone else? Just had my first chemo treatment and suffering with constipation!


  • Welcome to the chat site @hope. You are welcome to view some of the past chat topics (we have over 10 pages here)
    and we hope you will find much support here. There are a few on the site diagnosed with Mucinous Ovarian cancer.

    It may be worth checking in with your DR / NP team regarding the side effects and they should be able to help you address them. 
  • Thank you 
  • @hope I have had constipation problems off and on.  I have used Senokat and Colace during chemotherapy.  Right now I am using Metamucil everyday.  One heaping teaspoon a day.  It is working fine.  
  • @hope staying hydrated even though drinking is the last thing you feel like doing, also trying to walk every day again also the last thing you feel like doing worked for me in regards to the constipation , hope you feel better soon.
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