Confusing diets to help beat cancer

Anyone want to talk about food?  Sugar is bad, fat is good, ok to eat Grassfed meat and stay away from processed food. Dairy and grains are suppose to be bad, now Lectins are bad too.  Is Keto diet the answer to help fight tumor growth.  Should we supplement with vitamin c,  vitamin D3.  Drink lots of green tea, and ginger turmeric tea.  Stay completely away from alcohol or moderation.  Any thoughts?
someone also suggested a drop of frankenscense under tongue.  


  • Agreed, there are too many confusing details out there. Best to find someone you can trust and work with is  reliable site and your cancer centre should have someone to refer you to. 
    Best of luck for sure and update your DR team.
  • Hello everyone🙂 I am new to the forum. I do not have ovarian cancer, but my Mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer with mets to her peritoneum, in 2016. It was not a good prognosis since she was 83 years old. I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in Perth, Ontario. My interest in cancer nutrition led me to obtain my Certification as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist in 2017. Because of my Mom, I worked really hard to keep her immune system in top shape, especially during her 6 rounds of Carboplatin. Well, she is amazing and is now 85+ years old, and living very well. Her CA 125 at diagnosis was 1500. She is now 8. Just wanted everyone to know there is great nutritional assistance with a CHCP.  I can provide further info to contact one in your area. I am in the Ottawa area and currently am assisting clients with cancer in general. I know in my heart that the body is more powerful than we can imagine. Never ever give up hope, because there are many ways to give the body what it needs. Cancer is not a disease, it is only a symptom ... Blessings to all.  Keep the faith. 
  • Thanks Trinity; Like your mom, I’m coming out of 3C ovarian cancer and I’m doing well but want to zero in on best diet for me.  I’ll be seeing a Naturopath in two days.  My plan is to go on a Keto diet and intermittent fasting.  Eating only in certain hours of the day.  If you know of a CHCP in my area 
    Vernon BC. I’ll keep the reference in mind.  
  • Hi DeltaRed, glad you'll be seeing a Naturopath. Lynne Hinton, from Health House, in Markham, Ontario (apart of Toronto), is a program director at the Edison Institute of Nutrition. She taught the program I took, to become a Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner. She would be able to provide you with a CHCP in your area. 905-294-9720, or Hope that helps. Stay healthy 🙂
  • Hi DeltaRed, 
    Have you started Keto? 

    I have been on a Keto diet since june 2018, mostly. I found it hard during chemo, my stomach wanted what it wanted. There is a good web site about Keto diets:

    There are good recipes on the site, you can become a member but you don't have to: lots of info without a membership. 
    Let me know how it is going for you!  :)   

  • Hi @Trinity Do you know any naturopaths and dieticians specializing in cancer in the Montreal area? I’m having difficulty finding these types of specialists here. Thank you!
  • @nadiaC
    Reach out to Valerie Dinh, the Regional Manager for OCC for Quebec.  She may have some resources to recommend or thoughts on the subject.  Worst case, you should know each other anyway. [email protected]
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