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Made it so far- in remission CA125 is 8

It’s  been awhile since I checked in. I’ve made it through chemo and surgery and my hair is growing on my scalp in a very very curly fashion. This is new to me, as I have always had very straight hair.  I believe it will calm down and return to my more normal state, once the cells return to normal after all that chemo. 
Summer was spent returning in a moderate fashion,  back to kayaking, swimming and one or two cycles.
Im coming up to my first 3 month check up and feel very agitated. I also have a bit of a head cold and wonder if that might mess up my blood work.  It’s amazing I’ve made it this far. 
Next week there will be a telephone discussion, here and I hope to participate. It will be after my blood work and visit to oncologist —- fingers crossed!


  • Flowergirl
    Welcome back @DeltaRed - thanks for sharing your great update.
    Looking forward to connecting with you again
  • Thank you for sharing @DeltaRed... I hope your blood work went well.. Yes your curly hair will straighten out later down the road as it grows in and you get it cut.. Mine was curly also and I have always had straight hair too..I always get a little tense just before my check up.. It is stressful and it is normal.. We just don't know what to expect even though we are positive the rest of the time.. You are doing great getting back into all the things you love to do .... I just had my blood work done also .. 6 mth check up.. All was good TG.. I  had the results from my Genetic testing .too. They tested 17 Genes  All were negative.. TG again.  I stressed about passing the gene onto my family .. We do this one day at a time and having a place to come and talk about it goes a long way in helping us get through it ..
  • Thanks thanks for the encouragement, irishsurvuvor.   Did your Ca125 ever go up a few points? 
    Mine was 9. Then it went to 8 and then it went to 10.  
  • @DeltaRed Yes it does that  Mine has jumped around 9 to 13 and then back again.. It is still under 35 so all is good.. First time that happened to me I thought  OMG my numbers are changing but it is normal...
  • Tara
    Hi @irishsurvivor and @DeltaRed I too have just had my 6 month check up and have been told that everything is good my ca125 is going up it’s 14 up from 10 6 months ago but still in the normal range 
  • I don’t put much store in Ca125 tests. I’ve been “normal” both the first time round and on my recurrence. I have to rely on my body telling me something is wrong. 
  • I got my diagnosis back in 2016.  My CA125 has been low for a while.  I did hear though that some women have low or normal CA125 even when they have ovarian cancer! So as @PennyYVR is saying, it's important to tell your doctor what symptoms you might be experiencing.