Community Connection: Ovarian Cancer Canada is looking for volunteers! Could you help?

OVdialogue – consider joining our team in the role of Peer Support Volunteer. Over a few hours each week, you would be part of a team that helps connect people, support conversations and are thought leaders for OVdialogue. This is your opportunity to give back to those who have/continue to support you through the tough times, share your unique experiences, and help celebrate successes. For more details of what this entails, please reach out to @Mfallis (

Live Telephone Discussion! Thursday, September 20 at 1:30pm Eastern Time

MarilynOCC Moderator
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Hi everyone,
OVdialogue is one year old!  We launched the site last September and would like to get some feedback from you about your experience in this community.  We will be hosting a live telephone discussion for members of OVdialogue on Thursday, September 20 at 1:30pm EDT.  Some of the questions will include:

-  what you like about the site and what could be improved
-  proposed changes to the categories to make it easier to navigate the discussion topics 
- what is the most appropriate way to acknowledge when someone dies.  If you are not comfortable discussing this, the topic will be left to the end of the call so you can hang up prior to this discussion. 

Do you have other topics that you would like to discuss???  Please post your suggestions.

Here is a link to register for the teleconference. 

@Flowergirl and I are looking forward to talking you next week! 

Here are the call in numbers you will need.

Toll free: 1-844-511-2074

Password:  109-994-841


  • I likely won't be able to join this and I'm not sure about suggestions (at least not yet).  I just have a question and didn't know where else to post it.  I know September is Ovarian Cancer awareness month and I find I haven't seen much at all on tv, ads, commercials, social media, etc. about it.  Does anyone know if there is more publicity about this?  Anything to post and share on social media?  I know sadly it's an under represented cancer so would like to see much more attention brought to it.  It's often the case that other cancers get way more spotlight and research funding so how can it be boosted for OC too?   That's just a question I didn't know where else to post.  Maybe an area on this site can be about ways/resources to help spread the word?
  • Flowergirl
    Hi @Luci22 -thanks for sharing.
    Advertising you see may depend on your location - we have seen the Ladyballs ad on billboards, in magazines and on social media.
    If you check the main site 
    then on the icons in the right corner - Twitter and Facebook - you can view the public posts
    Here is the link to how you can contribute to your community:
    And here is the link to the email you can send to elected officials:

  • Flowergirl
    Thank you to everyone for the comments on our live discussion
    We hope to have some updates soon and perhaps another scheduled chat 
  • Hi @Flowergirl , thanks for this information.  I am in Oakville so it's strange I have not seen much out there, I will keep my eye out.  

  • Hi @Marilyn Sorry I missed the call. I was out of the country. I’ve been using OV Dialogue since March and it has been a huge support to me. Prior to that I had not connected with anyone other than my oncology team. The discussions have been a tremendous help. Thank you so much !! Warmest regards, Linda