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Newbie on this website

Hello members!  Finally introducing myself.  I was diagnosed with granulosa cell ovarian cancer (rare) last November.  Had surgery in December and unfortunately surgery was not successful in removing the large tumour.  Had chemo and radiation treatments (53 in total) and will find out if tumour has shrunk on Friday.  It is a reoccurrence as I had a small granulosa tumour removed 20 years ago but at that time I was advised it was benign.  
Participated in my first walk of hope last Sunday. 
Would love to hear from others who have the same cancer - granulosa cell tumour. 


  • Flowergirl
    Hello @Anicel - welcome to the chat site. Thank you for sharing your experiences. 
    It is nice you were able to attend the walk. Will be thinking of you on Friday as well.
    You are welcome to post your story on your profile page and you may want to review the Let's get started topic to view everyone's experiences. We hope you will find much support here.
  • Thanks so much - read many stories and do appreciate hearing the experiences of others.  Like the t-shirt we wore at the walk - no women walk alone. 
  • Hi @Anicel.  I hope your appointment went well.  I will check to see who else on the site has granulosa cell ovarian cancer and get back to you...
  • Hi @Anicel, I have found some members who have been diagnosed with granulosa cell ovarian cancer - @terrylee, @K_BrancOV and @emsneil.  Perhaps you can connect with them through a private message or through here. Be sure that you use the "@" symbol so they receive a notification of your contact.