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Paracinthesis due to ascites

Hi I was diagnosed with stage 3 slow growing Ovarian cancer in 2015, had surgery, but no chemo. The cells that were left behind are chemo resistant so I take a hormone blocker and I'm having a recurrence. Just wondered if anyone else also has this, and do they have to have their stomach drained frequently due to malignant cancer fluid?


  • Flowergirl
    Hello @claudine2863 - welcome to the chat site and thank you for sharing the thoughts on paracinthesis and ascites.
    I hope you are able to get the treatment and support you need.
    You may want to review the past chat topics (we are well over 4  pages long now, with each topic having multiple pages)
    Hope you can join us on Teal Tuesdays for the live chat at 7:00 PMCST 
    I 'll also private message you. 
  • @claudine2863 Hello I too have had recurrence and each time I have had to have multiple paracentesis.  I received chemotherapy treatments which helped to get rid of the fluid eventually.  I do not know about your situation as you say the cancer cells are resistant.  Maybe you should ask your doctor about receiving chemotherapy for the fluid dry up.  I have used drugs called Taxol and two platinum based drug called Carboplatin and Cisplatin. Two different issues as I see it.  The cancer cells and the fluid build up.  Please enquire.  
  • claudine2863
    Hi and thanks for responding. The cells are slow growing and hormonal, ER doesn't usually respond to chemotherapy.
    I was on 2 different hormone blockers to block the Estrogen, but not very effective.