Exercise - too much?

Hi...I had a radical hysterectomy Dec 1/17, started walking again after a few weeks, but with weight gain after surgery and chemo (eating whatever I could get in), I decided to up my game and joined Planet Fitness. It has been going well, using the weight machines carefully, not too much weight on them. Yesterday, I used the ab machine which is like doing upright crunches. When I went to do the next machine, I got a nasty pain in my lower right side that was just weird feeling. It went away after a few seconds but I stopped for the day. Surely after this many months, there shouldn't be any reason I can't workout at full capacity, I would be completely healed inside, wouldn't I?  I hope I did not cause a hernia. 😐 Anyone else have issues like that 9 months post surgery?


  • Hi @KarenMari53 - how are you doing tonight? hope you were able to get this resolved and checked by your DR.
  • Hi @Flowergirl....I'm well, thanks. Haven't had any more strange pains, I am taking the weights a little easier. Will mention at my follow up on Sept 25th. Get the doctor to check the area where the pain was.
    All ready for the walk?
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