Need info if any one can help

Hi has anyone been in a no surgery for clear cell tumor , but would like a second opinion on possible surgery ? Please let me know


  • Hello @waterhead - welcome to the chat site. 
    To clarify, are you looking for information/feedback from any of the members on the site who have been diagnosed with or treated for a clear cell tumor type?
  • Hi @waterhead.  Yes, it would be good to clarify exactly what information you are looking for.  I assume you have been diagnosed with clear cell ovarian cancer.  What has the doctor recommended - surgery or no surgery?  What do you want to ask a second doctor about?
  • Hello @waterhead - hope you are doing well and have been able to find some answers.
  • Hello @waterhead - how are you doing and have been able to find some answers for your situation? 
  • No  thanks and what they have done to treat it thanks still looking in or out of town
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