Funding for lynparza

Anyone having to pay out of pocket for lynparza. Its so hard to get insurance to pay. 


  • @Laurie ; I am not using it but I understand there is a program that is run through Astra Zeneca, the manufacturer that helps to cover the costs.  Please ask your doctor or hospital about it.  
  • FlowergirlFlowergirl Mod Vol
    Hi @Laurie - you may also find more information on the Lynparza / Olaparib topic
  • AstraZeneca covered mine when the benefit company didn’t. You should ask your doctor about it.
  • Hi @Laurie @TealSister @CurlyHair @Flowergirl

    Here is the latest information about funding for Lynparza.  Each of the provinces are now deciding whether or not to cover the cost of Lynparza.  Some may say yes, others may say no.  

    Until these decisions are made, the process for patients wanting to access Lynparza remains:

    • A doctor prescribes the drug (indication for BRCAm ovarian)
    • Patient is enrolled in AstraZeneca’s Patient Support Program for information on financial coverage, including coordination of coverage at 1-877-280-6208
    • AstraZeneca will continue to provide the drug free of charge until that person’s province has it listed on the formulary. In the case that the patient has private insurance, then her private insurance may cover it with AZ kicking in the 20% co-pay.

     Please discuss this with your doctor and make sure you are enrolled in the AstraZeneca's Patient Support Program.

  • Thank you @Marilyn for providing the recent details. I'll be sure to pass on to our local in person support group.
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