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Funding for lynparza

Anyone having to pay out of pocket for lynparza. Its so hard to get insurance to pay. 


  • @Laurie I am not using it but I understand there is a program that is run through Astra Zeneca, the manufacturer that helps to cover the costs.  Please ask your doctor or hospital about it.  
  • Hi @Laurie - you may also find more information on the Lynparza / Olaparib topic
  • AstraZeneca covered mine when the benefit company didn’t. You should ask your doctor about it.
  • Hi @Laurie @TealSister @CurlyHair @Flowergirl

    Here is the latest information about funding for Lynparza.  Each of the provinces are now deciding whether or not to cover the cost of Lynparza.  Some may say yes, others may say no.  

    Until these decisions are made, the process for patients wanting to access Lynparza remains:

    • A doctor prescribes the drug (indication for BRCAm ovarian)
    • Patient is enrolled in AstraZeneca’s Patient Support Program for information on financial coverage, including coordination of coverage at 1-877-280-6208
    • AstraZeneca will continue to provide the drug free of charge until that person’s province has it listed on the formulary. In the case that the patient has private insurance, then her private insurance may cover it with AZ kicking in the 20% co-pay.

     Please discuss this with your doctor and make sure you are enrolled in the AstraZeneca's Patient Support Program.

  • Thank you @Marilyn for providing the recent details. I'll be sure to pass on to our local in person support group.
  • For those of you not following along on Twitter, this was posted a few days ago.

    Treatment news: Quebec and Yukon have approved public funding of Lynparza for certain cases of recurrent BRCA-mutated #ovariancancer. Remaining provinces and territories are continuing deliberations and we are hopeful that this treatment will soon be available across the country.

    9:01 AM - 19 Jul 2018
  • What about non brca
  • Exactly @Laurie - we are hopeful that all provinces will cover this as "treatment" in the future!
  • Hi @Laurie.  Please see the post in the Lynparza discussion regarding the outline for funding.  

    "Health Canada has approved this drug only for the "maintenance treatment of adult patients with platinum-sensitive
    relapsed (PSR) BRCA-mutated (germline or somatic) high grade serous epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancer who are in response (complete response or partial response) to platinum-based chemotherapy.(Platinum-sensitive relapse is defined as disease progression occurring at least 6 months following completion of platinum chemotherapy.)"  

    As far as I know, this means that Lynparza is not an option if the cancer is platinum resistant or non BRCA status. 

    Has your doctor suggested that you should take Lynparza?

  • I am BRCA negative and my Dr. has suggested Lynparza.  My insurance will not pay for it so I am considering paying for it myself. 
  • Hi @amyc.  I'm sure that will be a very difficult decision as it is quite expensive.  Is your cancer considered platinum sensitive?
  • Yes, it is considered Platinum sensitive.  I will see my doctor tomorrow.  I would the grateful to hear anyone's experience, insight or suggestions.   :D 
  • Message me if you can
  • @amyc Based upon what I know of the drug I think you need to ask your doctor to go through Astra Zeneca themselves for the funding.  Your doctor should be able to help you with that.  Take care 
  •  AstraZeneca covered mine when the benefit company didn’t. I am platinum sensitive and not brca positive. The dr. filled out the paperwork and benefits denied coverage. based on my family income (not including my disability pay from insurance) it was covered by AstraZeneca.  hope this helps
  • amyc did you have any luck getting the lynparza
  • amyc
    edited August 2018
    I have not had any luck.  My benefits will not pay for it as it is not on the list in Alberta.  The drug company will cover 20% of $9000 per month.  I am considering phoning them again as my mind is a bit clearer having some time to recuperate from chemo.

  • Wishing you all the best @amyc
  • Hi @Laurie.  You have indicated that your status is BRCA negative.  Is your disease platinum sensitive or platinum negative?
  • Hi I’m BRCA negative but platinum sensitive and have just started on Lynparza.  My insurance is covering 80% and Lynparza helped with the balance through their patient assistance program.  
  • That is good news to hear for you @Nancy1
  • @amyc I suggest you get your doctor to look into Astra Zeneca(manufacturer) funding it or call them first yourself and then take the information to your doctor.  Good luck.
  • I have talked to Astra Zeneca they are only providing 20%.  Also, talked to the Alberta Health Minister.  Olaparib is now on the Cancer Outpatient Schedule which means it will be covered for BRCA Platinum sensitive.  However, it needs to be on the Drug Benefit list to be covered by my Benefits provider.   
  • Here is the update:

    #BritishColumbia and #Alberta now fund #Lynparza for women in recurrence with platinum-sensitive BRCA-mutated high-grade serous epithelial #ovariancancer. These provinces join Quebec, Ontario, Yukon and the Non-Insured Health Benefits Program in offering public funding for this approved treatment.

  • Im in ontario. Brca neg . still paying
  • Jule_P
    edited September 2018
    I took Lynparza for nearly two years, but in all the research I'd read of it, the conclusions were that it didn't change outcomes but that it did change the progression free period such that you could enjoy a longer period of remission. Survival was prolonged by several months at best. But, I haven't seen the numbers in a while. 
  • After several phone calls to the Alberta health minister and various others, a provincial pharmacist advised me to send the link for the cancer outpatient schedule to my benefits provider with the information for Olaparib. I sent them the link with the page number saying it was approved for platinum-sensitive BRCA-mutated high-grade serous epithelia.  After several back and forths, I got a call from one of the higher ups.  She asked why I wasn't funded by the province; (because I am  BRCA neg) The name of my doctor and the specialty of my doctor; and how long I was to take the drug.  I told her I was scheduled to take it for 2 months and then have a CT scan to see if it is working.  She said she would phone my doctor. I got a phone call later saying they will fund it for 2 months.  Hooray!  It's a good thing I have been feeling pretty good lately. There are definitely days I don't have the capacity to be advocating like this.  
  • Thank you for sharing that story @amyc - it will be most helpful when others need to go this route.
    Yes, advocating can take so much energy!
  • It’s regrettable that cancer patients must go through these frustrating triangulations between their provincial  health insurer, their cancer clinic and either the pharma company or their private insurer or both. Energy is at a premium and should be spent on other pursuits. Hat’ s off to @amyc. In my case, it was a pretty seamless experience (Ontario). The cancer clinic sent the Rx to AstraZeneca, who then contacted me. They  (AstraZeneca) coordinated directly with my private health plan,  and then contacted me to confirm that SunLife  will pay for  80%, and they will cover the remaining “co-insurance” (i.e. 20%)  it all. Seems this is a bridging arrangement initiated by AstraZeneca to get me onto the drug without delay,  while the paperwork for getting my drugs paid for entirely by OHIP gets finalized (approximately 6 weeks). I was  impressed with the cooperation. My situation is BRCA 2 positive, partially carboplat sensitive OVCa (serous, epithelial, etc.) and  with 2 courses of chemotherpay with carboplat under my belt.  This apparently qualifies for full coverage of olaparib bt OHIP. So I am now into 2nd week of the regimen, so far OK.
    Pleased to read of the successes by others on this post, in luding nonBRCA sisters whose oncologists have gone to bat for them. 

  • Thanks - here is hoping each province gets on board with the funding / availability of these drugs!

    Aside from your provincial coverage, what is covered can also depend on private or group plan benefit limits as well as the pharma companies... again, it can be time and energy consuming to explore all options.