Chemotherapy symptoms, combined carboplatin/paclitaxel

I was diagnosed in 2015 with Stage iv high grade serous ovarian cancer.  I went on a dose dense weekly chemo protocol, had debulking surgery, then 2 more cycles of chemo.  I was pleasantly surprised that I had no major adverse reactions to chemo, and had 2 1/2 years of remission before recurrence. A week ago I had my first chemo session with large dose of paclitaxel and carboplatin (GOOVCTR) to be administered every 3 weeks.  The side effects of this protocol are far more serious, because of the joint and nerve pain I am still experiencing a week after the treatment.  It feels like I am walking on pins and needles.  I am concerned that the nerve damage could possibly be permanent after 6 rounds on this chemo.  Has anyone experienced this, and if so, how are you doing after treatment?  The fatigue and slight nausea I can handle, but nerve pain not so much.  Any information would be appreciated


  • I should have read the dialogue on neuropathy before posting my request, but I am new at this, and I now know that a lot of people are experiencing it.  This OVdialogue is going to be very helpful to me.
  • Welcome@smm70,
    There is a lot of useful information here, but never hesitate to ask questions at any time.

    I had neuropathy combined with hand and foot syndrome with my last round of Carboplatin /Paclitaxel. We switched to Docetaxel and reduced the dosage.   
    I found much of the neuropathy  and nail issues disappeared after a 8 week chemo break following an allergic reaction to the Carboplatin. 
     I am now back on Cisplatin with Docetaxel and I have an increase in neuropathy and nail pain already after 1 cycle.  Will see how it goes for the next two cycles before I am reassessed as to the effectiveness of this regime on my disease. It might just be a side effect I have to tolerate.
  • Thank you, @midcanada, I will be discussing the issue with my oncologist again to see if there are other options.
  • Welcome @smm70 - yes, that is best to advise your DR team of your concerns and the neuropathy as they will be looking out for you. 
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