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Low grade ov cancer and pleural effusion

Hi....  i feel like a lost soul.  I waa diagnosed with borderline ov in 2011 and had total hysterectomy.  All was ok until this past November when ca numbers were elevated and ct scan showed some spots.  Had surgery end of Jan.  Blindsided that it is now low grade ov.  And also dealing with pleural effusion.  The hospital stay was 2 weeks.  I have a tunnel catheter in right lung which we drain 3 times per week.  Ive been lost so to speak since then.  I am on letrozole.  I am not me anymore.   I cannot explain it any other way.  I go through stages of being somewhat ok  ( fakely) and other times all i do is tear up and cry.  I have always prided myself on being strong but the wind has been knocked out of my sails and i cannot seem to find my way back to me.  😔    


  • Hello @trixielee - welcome to the site. 
    Sorry to hear of your recent recurrence. We hope you will find lots of support here. 
    How are you feeling today and do you have access to an in person support group?
    I'll also private message you.
  • Hi @trixielee....I agree with @Flowergirl....find an in person support group, it will help to talk to women who have been there. And of course vent in here when you need to, we have all been there. I had stage 1 ovarian and uterine and feel just as vulnerable and emotional as those with stage 3 or 4. Cancer is cancer. 
  • Hi @trixielee. It must have been quite a shock to hear the diagnosis of recurrence after so many years and dealing with the pleural effusion must be hard!  We do have a guide called "Still By Your Side" for women dealing with recurrence which you may find helpful.  You can order it online at:

    It is understandable that you are having difficulty adjusting to this news and the new treatment regimen you are doing.  There are many women in this community who have struggled with this so there are lots of discussions you might want to check out on depression, anxiety, spirituality, coping with side effects, etc.  There are also support resources available through your cancer centre.  You can refer yourself or ask your nurse or doctor to help you find the right person to talk to.  Keep checking into this site - there are lots of women here to talk to!