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Hello ladies. I just got through the most horrendous week of my life!! Last Saturday I was in extreme abdominal pain and uncontrolled vomiting. I went to the emergency department and they inserted an NG tube to see if that helped. I was so much worse on Sunday and the cat scan showed two blockages in my bowel. Emergency surgery Sunday afternoon. I was told I would only live 24 to 48 hrs without the surgery but that it also came with a lot of risks and I could die anyway. I called on Christ and my Heavenley Father and said let's do it. Well, I made it. I'm home and resting. There is a lot to learn with diet and care and I do have more training coming but if there are others out there that could share their experiences I would really appreciate it. Thanks 👍😓


  • Hello @Quiltmama - I have been thinking of you - sorry to hear you are dealing with such a serious issue. So glad to hear you are home and resting. Yes, those changes bring a new challenge for diet and care. I am glad you were able to get the treatment and support you needed. How are you feeling now? Hoping there are others out there that can offer some support based on this experience.
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    Jackie Peer Support Vol

    Hello @Quiltmama My thoughts are with you and I can empathize with what it’s like to have a bowel obstruction. In 2012 while I was going through chemo I had an obstruction that was caused by scarring and adhesion of my bowel. I made three trips to the emergency with excruciating abdominal pain in addition to severe vomiting. I finally spent seven weeks in the hospital. They were hoping that the problem would resolve itself, but when it didn't they ultimately chose to perform surgery. I guess I feel fortunate that they didn’t have to perform an ostomy and that I haven’t had any major problems with my bowel since then.


  • I'm feeling a little dragged out. My incision is infected so 2 new antibiotics and increase in wound care. No wonder I haven't been feeling much better the last few days. I really need a good nights sleep!!!
  • Wishing you some rest and relief @Quiltmama
  • I'm hoping you're feeling better @Quiltmama <3<3
  • Hello @Quiltmama Hope you are starting to feel better. I’ve had my ostomy since 2011 and it saved my life. I had severe ulcerative colitis and after the life changing surgery I felt better than I had in 15 years. I’ve given my ostomy a name (Winnie) and I know that sounds silly but it helped me to deal with it. I’m praying that you are feeling better, and swinging healing vibes to you.  Hugs, Linda 
  • Hello ladies. I'm now in hospice. I can no longer take care of myself at home and it was too stressful and overwhelming for my husband. I have extensive recurrent disease in my abdomen including the kidneys and liver. Prognosis is about 8 weeks. Keep up this excellent site to help other women. I'll pray for us all.💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • @Quiltmama, haven’t said much on here, but so feel for you. Will pray for you ...I wish you peace and comfort. 😢❤️
  • hello @Quiltmama - yes, prayers and comfort sent your way. Thank you for sharing your story and your support. 
    I'm sorry you have been through so much. Hoping you and your family find the support you need.
  • Hi @Quiltmama.  I am sad to hear your news and that you are now in hospice.  This disease is tough and yet even at this point you seem to be facing the remainder of your life with dignity and peace and encouraging others along the way.  I am touched by your encouragement for the others on OVdialogue to keep up the connections and support.  Hospice care may not have been your first choice but it can provide some respite for both you and your family so that you can just focus on spending time together vs. the focus and energy of your family spent on your care. I echo what @Flowergirl has said  - thank you for sharing your journey with us and the support you have provided to so many other women.  It seems you have a strong spiritual foundation that I'm sure will help carry you through this time.  If/when you feel up to communicating with us, this community will be here for you.  

  • Hugs and Peace.
  • @Quiltmama Peace and hugs and prayers ❤️