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Anyone try Naturopathic Treatment & what's been your experience with it?

I'm looking into this for my mom, we have been to several consultations and we just can't decide if it's the right next step; (as she's not in treatment now, had finished end of February).  There seem to be a couple schools of thought, one being using IV therapies along with diet, lifestyle and supplement treatments, and the other (perhaps the older cohort) also using supplements, herbs, detoxification, but not offering IV therapy. We are confused and wonder if anyone has tried anything like this and how is it working?  
Thank very much.


  • Elsie13
    edited June 2018
    Hi  @Luci22 What are the doctors suggesting, if I may ask?     I have no medical training, but I'd advise against naturopathy in most cases. I belong to a couple of 'skeptic organizations' and one of the problems is that people have heard how awful chemo is (and it's sometimes not bad) and they think naturopathy is a cure . No! There may be, just maybe, some benefit with cancer side effects and treatment side effects. But when a drug is going to be used for cancer, it seems it has to go through three major levels of testing, including the big double blind study.  Naturopathic products, they just have anecdotal details and very small - not double blind , studies.  The chemo and radiation worked for me.  Over the past year my blood tests show No Evidence of Disease. 
  • Luci22
    Hi Elsie13,  my mom did have chemo and surgery already.  It worked well for her and what I was asking was in regards to maintenance ideas in between as she's currently doing well, her CA125 is 4 and things look good but she still wants to do some extra health stuff.  I definitely agree with chemo and surgery, any trusted advice, and we always listened to the doctors first.  Thanks for commenting.  Glad you're doing well too.
  • Flowergirl
    Hi @Luci22- good to hear your mom is doing well. Yes, it is always good to consult with your oncologist team if you are considering any additional treatments what ever you choose.
  • Hi @Luci22 .  There are lots of different approaches to complimentary and alternative medicine for cancer patients.  You may want to visit the website for the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

    If your mother should go back into treatment at some point, it will be important to let her oncologist know what other things she is taking/doing.

  • One small suggestion that I have heard from many women who are dealing with chemo is about water absorption. Sometimes it seems you can not absorb enough water, no matter how much you drink. It seems to help your absorption if you add a little maple syrup or some cucumber.

  • Marylin: Do you suggest something specific from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine?
  • Wading into deep waters here - and a safe place to do it! @Luci22

    I was diagnosed in 2014 at stage 3C. I had the full surgery with multiple "ectomies", then chemo. I did very well and entered a clinical trial in the summer. 4 years later and I am just finishing chemo after a recurrence.

    Through all of it, I have been working with a Naturopath. (I have been using complimentary medicine for 30 years now). I have been open and honest with all of my doctors - oncology, naturopathy, and family - and they are all aware and supportive of my decisions and choices. I have taken my oncologists recommendations to my naturopath and vice versa. They ask good questions and raise valid points. There is so much information out there, and it often conflicts. Remember that you can get conflicting advice from 2 oncologists, it is not just from different disciplines. If you are seeking information, consider your source carefully. Trust your sources carefully and make your own decisions. 

    You are the one who has to live with the results.
  • It's interesting you've been able to balance both.  I do agree how even oncologists can have conflicting advice so that's a good point. This is for my mom, who has always gone first with oncologist advice but later added naturopathic support as well.  Any specific Naturopathic therapies that you've had experiences with, during or after oncology treatment?   One thing we looked for was that the naturopath had naturopathic-oncology knowledge and training.
  • Hi @blair_ns Thanks for asking me to clarify what I said.  I am not recommending anything specific regarding alternative or natural therapies.  Ovarian Cancer Canada has no opinion or position about these types of therapies.  I simply want to let people know that the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine exists and I believe that they have a cancer clinic.  This is a very individual decision so it is good to do your own research and talk to your health care team so they are fully aware of what you are taking or want to take.  In some cases, certain natural products can interact negatively with prescription medication including chemotherapy drugs so it is important to keep your doctor in the loop.  If anyone wants more information you contact the College directly.

  • Hi @Luci22 I would also suggest that the both the naturopath and oncologist need to be open and respectful of the fact that you are seeing both of them and what the other professional may or may not suggest.  @UnPickNot has outlined how she has handled this with all of her health care team which is great.  Thanks @UnPickNot for sharing your experience.
  • Alfaria
    Bonjour à toutes!
    Au mois de juin 2018, j'ai entendu parler des soins pour le cancer à Havana-Cuba. J'en discuté avec mon oncologue et elle était d'accord que j'essaie.
    Je suis restée une semaine dans la clinique Pradera à Havana. Ils ont refait l'hemograme complet et un raion-x. L'oncologue à cette clinique m'a proposé 3 médications en naturopathie : 
    Le Ferrical
    Le Spirel
    Le Vidatox
    Avec le consentement de mon oncologue à Quebec, j'en prends toujours même avec la chimio. Je vous confirme qu'ils soulagent beaucoup les effets secondaires de la chimiothérapie.
    Bonne semaine à vous!