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  • Hello @dmas125 - welcome to the site. We hope you and your sister will find much support here. 

    Testing and monitoring can vary depending on your condition, your province and your DR or Oncology team. CA125 may not be a reliable indicator for some. Again, a discussion with your DR team on how or why may be necessary. 

    Peace of mind and knowing we are being heard and looked after is what we all want for sure.
    It is important to discuss with your oncologist and perhaps your family DR to find out "the plan" for you.

    You can find the details on detection posted here: 
    And find more information and view past webinars here:

    Do you both have a copy of the support guide - By Your Side? I will also direct message you. 

  • I live in Calgary, Alberta and receive treatment for my recurrent Stage 3B high-grade, serous ovarian cancer at the Tom Baker Cancer Center. My CA125 was tested in July, 2015 and was 655, and it dropped to 12 following total hysterectomy, removal of two large ovarian tumors, and 6 months of carbo/taxel chemo regimen. My Oncologist orders my CA125 tests every 3 months. She explains that this is not the end all and be all of cancer surveillance, but one tool that she keeps in her tool box. I was doing very well for 30 months, with my highest CA level being 14, but in July, 2018 it rose to 20, which made me panic. My Doctor, the head oncologist of the gyne clinic here in Calgary, actually gave me a "talking to" - we have a very healthy therapeutic relationship and I trust her, but by October my CA125 was up to 275! My intuition as a patient and my ability to be an "empowered ovarian cancer patient" saw me get a CT scan within 48 hours, and we initiated second-line treatment with carbo/caelyx within the week. If I had not had the CA125 test regularly, as scheduled by my Oncologist, this recurrence might have been missed as my cancer is "seeded" in the peritoneum now, and not a solid mass. I encourage your sister who has moved here from Saskatchewan to keep asking for this surveillance tool, and to get a "second opinion" if necessary. I understand that the test is expensive, and that AHS may be reluctant to fund them, but this is OUR life we are dealing with here. Best of luck to everyone living with, and thriving with this unfortunate disease.
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