Skin care

Does anyone else breakout like a teenager during their chemo cycles????? The second week after my carbo/taxol I have breakouts worse than when I was a teenager....I wonder if it's steroids? The steroids clear up my psoriasis, which is crazy, but without fail, I'm a mess come week 2. It's too consistent not to link it to cycling. I've changed my facewash trying to help.


  • I got raisin cake chin and I am pretty sure it was the steroids.
  • Hi and I'm going to bet it could be the steroids also - I went to gentle soap and water only for a while - also drinking lots of the water seemed to flush the impurities out so hoping once the chemo / meds are done that will subside for you. It is worth checking with the DR for allergy reactions for sure. Wishing you all the best for these next rounds.
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