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Hello, my name is Linda and I’m living with Ovarian Cancer

A little about me :  
i was diagnosed in Sept 2015 with Stage 4 OV C. I had 6 rounds of Carbo and Taxil chemos in 2016. My tumors couldn’t be removed so in 2016 I faced my prognosis and prepared for the final journey. Then in October 2016 my oncologist at Princess Margaret said he could get it all. My surgery was Nov 30/16 and he removed the tumors along with removing the end of my tailbone. Then in May 2017 the disease reocurred. I just had chemo # 11 two days ago. 
During all of this I got Avascular necrosis in my right knee and right hip from being on Dexamethazone for too long. I had a knee replacement in March 2017. I also need a hip replacement but have to finish chemo first. 
Oh I wish I was finished but I also have an ileostomy as the result of Ulcerative Colitis. 
I’ve been living with extreme weight bearing pain because of my hip. My quality of life has changed and I have tried so hard to stay positive. I have the odd wobble and I sometimes feel alone. But I’m surrounded by a loving and supportive family. My husband quit his job to look after me so I’m blessed despite having all this to face. 
Thats it for now. I’m grateful that this online is here. And I have already looked at some of the content. 
Thank you for reading my story. 


  • Hello Linda and welcome to the site. Thank you for sharing your story and yes, you have been through alot... we are here to support and share with you. 
    There are lots of topics and content around the site. We also try to meet on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM CST if you are round to join us on the live chat. 
    You can also post your story on your bio page if you like. You can also direct message users or flag them in a discussion (like @Flowergirl).
    A warm welcome to you and hope you are feeling ok today.
  • Wow, what a journey you are on. Lots of good information here and support. 
  • Thank you ladies! Tuesday live chat sounds great.  I’m so grateful for this group 🤗
  • Hello @Linda and @KarenMari53 -we are on the chat tonight if you are able to join us.
  • I’m so sorry I missed it ladies. My wee sister is visiting from Scotland. I’ll set a reminder for next week. 
  • HI @Linda - enjoy your visit and we look forward to connecting with you next week!