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Decisions decisions

I am finished 3 of 6 carbo/taxel treatments. I reacted horribly to the taxel and they finally found a slow enough infusion with tons of pre-drugs for me to tolerate it. If I had reacted this time, the chemo doc was going to drop the taxel and do carbo alone. If carbo alone is enough, why am I putting myself through this? 
Chemo was my decision, I am stage 1 uterine and 1c grade 2 endometriod ovarian. My gyne-onc said she would support me if I did chemo or did not.  Before my next treatment on Mar 21, I am going to decide whether to finish the last 3 with carbo alone.  Anyone stage 1 that did no chemo? Or carbo alone? Need some wisdom here. 


  • Flowergirl
    HI @KarenMari53 - that is good that you have the support of the DR. There are lots of treatment medications and I hope the medical team can find the right combination for you. 
    Sorry, the only wisdom I can offer is to ask the DR what drug combinations are available for you and review the side effects if you continue.... hoping it goes well for you.
  • Hi @KarenMari53 It can be difficult to make these kind of decisions.  Obviously, you want the best treatment possible but that is mitigated by the impact it has on you and your body.  It seems the doctor understands this but I imagine that doesn't make the decision any easier.  I do know many women have only carboplatin, so you would not be the first person to have carboplatin alone.  Have you discussed this with your family?  What are their thoughts about it and the effect the taxol had on you?  I guess it comes down to whether or not you think you can tolerate more taxol.  You may feel you could tolerate it but you may not want to put yourself through that again, which is a perfectly reasonable  decision.   

    @kittycat started a discussion asking this same question although it wasn't because of side effect but you might find it helpful.

    Good luck with your decision

  • I had reaction to the carbo and the doctor stopped it and now I am on Taxol only at the moment.  The carbo was working but the reaction with pre-meds was not tolerable.  I was wondering how I as a patient know if it can be recharged with a slower infusion rate?  My doctor decided to stop it.  She does not take my input much on this type of thing.  I asked her if carbo and taxol could be split and infused on different days and if that might help.  They might try cisplatin at some point.  I am not sure where it is going except with Taxol for now.  
  • @CurlyHair.....I dropped the Taxol for my 4th treatment because I was not comfortable with the extreme amount of steroids and benadryl it took to get it in, even with a slow infusion.  Now, after only having Carboplatin for my 4th infusion, I have decided to stop chemo completely. It is the right decision for me as the side effects are getting worse each time and this was my decision to do chemo. I told my chemo doctor that as long as I stayed healthy I would continue. She wanted me to get 4 in and I did.
    I have read studies, etc. and since 3-6 treatme
  • Flowergirl
    Hi @KarenMari53
    how are you feeling tonight and we are on the chat if you are around tonight
  • Sorry...was busy earlier. I have a nasty cold, otherwise doing ok. I am struggling a bit with this after cancer stuff and am going to go to the support group in Kingston. I just feel like no one else understands...friends and family...and I am not getting the feeling they want to talk about it. 

    I had one friend, when I mentioned a side effect I had, say, "after only 4 treatments?"  I feel like because I "only" had stage 1 OC and uterine cancers, and I've had surgery and chemo, I should just be able to forget and move on. I thought I would be able to, but turns out I'm not a super hero and I have some post cancer stress.

    Thanks for checking in @Flowergirl....I haven't been on much.
  • Flowergirl
    Hi @KarenMari53 - too bad you have the cold, glad to hear you are doing ok other wise. 
    Yes, I can relate, it is the post treatment and now everything comes at you situation. And you will find quickly who to tell and what to say will change depending on the person and the situation. That is what is so nice about this group and an in person support as most everyone can relate or "get it".  I'll also direct message you. 

    Here is a resource from a previous post
  • JaneWest
    Thinking of you @KarenMari53 , sending love and strength. 
  • Thank you @JaneWest....
  • Thinking of you KarenMari53. Sending you much love and support. I feel and understand what you are saying. Forgetting and moving on is easy to say when you do. It have cancer. Sometimes family and friends can be very insensitive. You are a superhero!
  • I meant do not have cancer. Missed a few words
  • Thanks @Gabrielle...