Worries about reocurrance - share your story with me



  • Hi All, I haven't been on this site for awhile spend most of my time on cancerconnection.ca 
    although not many members on that site with ovarian cancer, but a lot of members & very busy. I am currently in the midst of a reoccurrence. Following treatment I felt great and actually did some travelling & got back to a  slower version of my old self. I wasn't really focusing or worrying about reoccurrence but it came back in just 5 mos ! Now back in chemo taking Taxol, 3 weeks on 1 week off for 6 months - this is considered "maintenance chemo"
    my body is responding positively to treatment, CA125 counts going down. Side effects not nearly as bad as the combo drugs I was on 1st round. Have a plurex in again to help with the
    build up of ascites fluid. Hopefully this will last longer.

  • Hello @Jack - sorry to hear of your recurrence and it is good to hear your body is responding to the chemo again. 

  • @canadianwarrior I hope this finds you well.  I met up with my GP and as it turns out everything is good.  Pretty well all of my health issues are explainable.  For example the back pain is nerve issue related to the way I was holding my body after the surgeries.  The weight loss is due to all the walking I did during recuperation.  The brain is an amazing tool that can 'trick' you into thinking something that is not true.  Where I have physically recovered, I am still healing mentally.  One step at a time.
  • Hello @Ingrid_Canon - thank you for posting - was thinking about you and the issues. That is good to hear it is all resolved and yes, the emotional healing is a challenge as well... wishing you the best with that as you move forward. 
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