In Memoriam


  • Hello Everyone,

    I thought we could use this space to honor and remember the women who are not longer here with us.
    Perhaps it is a family member or friend that has passed away (from this disease or other issue).
    As always, share what you are comfortable with.

    On that note - today's post is dedicated to 4 women. 
    A woman I'll call D. and Heather - I only met them a few times at our in person support group. As well as a couple of friend's mothers, Dorothy and Lorraine.

    Often, you meet people for only a brief time and somehow, it feels like you have known them longer. They are missed.
  • A friend of mine who is a cancer survivor herself, just lost her mom to this terrible disease. MB may you rest in peace ❤️
  • Hi @terrylee.  Thinking of you and your friend.
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