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Clear cell treatment

Good MOrning ladies has any one had any experience on having here chemo weekly rather than every 3 weeks . This will be my 4th time with chemo if they decide that i need it again fighting for 4 years now . I had read somewhere that the side affects are a little milder with the weekly .
I have clear cell stage 3b .  


  • Flowergirl
    Hello @cavy.. welcome to the site. You may find others here that have clear cell diagnosis. It seems that treatments vary according to the individual and what the medical team suggests.
  • Hi @cavy I see that you haven't had many responses so not sure if you are receiving the weekly chemo or not.  There are a few women who have been diagnosed with clear cell but I am not sure if they have had similar experience.  @kittycat @MarieRocks @kastoyles @jiselle16 @KarenL - do you have any thoughts for cavy?
  • jiselle16
    jiselle16 Peer Support Vol
    Hi @cavy! I had treatment for clear cell - stage 1C. My surgical oncologist (who is also a medical oncologist) recommended I have weekly intraperitoneal (through the abdomen) chemo. I ended up getting a second opinion with a medical oncologist who recommended intravenous chemo every 3 weeks. At the end of the day, both of them said they were adequate treatments and I would ultimately get the same amount of chemo by the time I was finished. So for me, I made a decision to go with the chemo every three weeks for 6 rounds. Part of the reason was that I was getting treatment at a cancer clinic an hour from home, so it wasn't very convenient to go every week. I also felt pretty strong at the time (I was also pretty young at 31 years old) - so I felt like I could handle a stronger dose - and it turns out I was right. Plus the thought of having 18 chemo treatments in total just seemed like a lot to me. Although I have heard the side effects are much more mild with the weekly, and I guess I was lucky as I didn't have too many side effects. But do what's best for you!
  • Jan
    Hi: I was diagnosed with stage 1C clear cell in April 2014. I did not know there were options of frequency of chemo. In May of 2014 I started weekly treatments. I was 61 years old at the time and both my husband and I were retired so although treatment was 45 minutes from home, it was doable. I did well on the chemo after an initial allergic reaction. I had minimal side effects and they have cleared up since then. I have regained my energy and have tried to keep active and physically fit. So far all is well. Hopefully it will continue to go well.
  • Elsie13
    @cavy @Jan @jiselle16, I had my hysterectomy Nov. 2016 and I got my pathology report 4 weeks later.  I was 60 at the time. It said stage 2 ovarian cancer, adenocarcinoma, 10% of the cells well clear cell. But some months later, the resident was presenting my case to the senior doc, and said 'stage 1C' .  Anyway, apparently they changed the staging protocols? 
     I had intavenous chemo, 6 sessions, 3 weeks apart. I had 25 radiation treatments. Mostly things are going well.  I have to wear compression pantyhose for my lymphedema, but I have calcific tendonitis in one shoulder.  So I haven't been wearing the pantyhose as all that pulling and tugging hurts the shoulder.  The hospital clinic suggested I go back to the walk in clinic for a physiotherapy appointment.