Weekly chemo compared to every 3 weeks

Good MOrning ladies has any one had any experience on having here chemo weekly rather than every 3 weeks . This will be my 4th time with chemo if they decide that i need it again fighting for 4 years now . I had read somewhere that the side affects are a little milder with the weekly .
I have clear cell stage 3b . 


  • Hi @cavy
    Yes, it seems that treatments vary according to the individual and what the medical team suggests.
    Many factors may be considered for the course of treatment. A concern may be how one is functioning with the neuropathy and other side effects.

    On a personal note, I had the weekly cycles (dose dense) for 7 months and then the last treatment was once every 21 days. 
  • @cavy hi just reading your post from Feb on weekly chemo. I am about to start same treatment, low dose of Taxol weekly for 12 months. How did you find it, were the side effects as bad or worse of the 3 wk combo chemo ?
  • I had 2 rounds of chemo weekly when Taxol and Carbo worked for me.  What I found was that they could give me a higher dose of Taxol by giving it to me weekly.  My body tolerated it better.  I also had no 'aches' like I did with a round every 3 weeks (which I had to do 3 prior to surgery).  Worked better for me.
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