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Shaved heads - who wears it better? :)


I was tired of the constant clumps/strands falling out so I took control and shaved it. Well actually my hubby did. And then we did a side by side :) His head is always shaved. 

For those with little kids....mone are 4 and 6 and did well. I gave them the option to be around or not. They chose to watch TV in my bedroom but wanted me to do it while they were awake. My 6 year old is sensitive and wanted me to wear a cap in the house but this morning wasn't as bothered. 

I wasn't upset. ..  thought I might be. But actually felt good to do it and have it done and move on. Other parts of this journey.....2nd surgery, the chemo bone pain, the sadness in my husbands eyes when I told him....those things were worse. This is ok for me. 


  • This was after one carbo/taxol? Guess that will be me and my hubby next week. The other things absolutely are worse. It hurts every time I see my hubby's tears because he is so sad that I am going through this. 

    Way to go @red1976...your courage will help me. My wig came in yesterday...close to my style but blonde instead of silver.😉
  • @KarenMari53 Yes. was 2 weeks to the day of cycle 1 that my hair started coming out in clumps. I still had quite a bit of hair but was tired of the constant shedding and found it more upsetting to have it come out clump by clump so I opted to shave. I can see the patches where the clumps came out and assume those patches will grow in number this cycle.

    How are you feeling post #1??? I've been thinking about you lots!!!!
  • Hi @red1976
    A bit nauseous, though I'm finding as long as I eat little bits I am ok. 
    The bone pain is bothering me, my sister is bringing me some Claritin, which the women in the fb group I am in assure me will help.
  • Flowergirl
    @red1976 - thank you for sharing how you cut the hair off... sounds like the kids managed well. 
  • Flowergirl
    Agreed - I found it is easier to cut your hair shorter - pixie cut or the like - so that when it does fall out it is not as visible in the long, strands or  clumps.

    @KarenMari53 - hope you are managing this challenging time.

  • @Flowergirl...doing okay thanks.  Tired by the end of my workday but sleeping better and not much nausea, thank God.
  • Jeannie
    It can take a lot of courage for some women to cut their hair off. Sounds like you handled it well! Personally I don’t care that much about my hair so cutting it off is fine with me. I look good with a bald head (I’ve been told this many times! Lol) but it’s cold this time of year! I hope your kids do ok with all of this change! 
  • Hi @red1976.... hope you are relaxing and feeling okay still after #2!