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Spotting post Hysterectomy

Hey....seems like there's a new concern every day :( I am 3 months post total hysterectomy. I have had 2 episodes today of faint, pale pink spotting. And I do feel a little crampy. .....but how can that be!!!!!! Lol

I am 12 days post my first chemo cycle and worry my platelets are low. Has anyone experienced faint spotting post hysterectomy?

I'm so tired of worrying. So very very tired..


  • Hello @red1976.  I have not experienced this issue so I have provided you a link to webpage from the Mayo Clinic who say this is common.

    Hope this helps and maybe someone else will answer as well. 
  • @CurlyHair Thank you for the info. I got so nervous that I called the oncall oncologist. They said not to be too alarmed. That it's not an emergency but can be from effects of the chemo. I will likely have a pelvic before my next cycle. I do need to go in to ER if the bleeding worsens to the point of a heavy period. 

    Not a happy camper. Who bleeds after a hysterectomy!!??!!! It seems completely unfair. And with that I'm going to try and get some sleep. 

    Nothing about this is easy. 
  • Flowergirl
    Hello @red1976 - hoping you are feeling a bit better today. Yes, glad you connected with the oncologist.
    I hope you are able to get some sleep and rest.

    Thank you @CurlyHair for that link. It is a good one to bookmark.

    I also looked at this site: 
    there is a lot of in-depth information
    Interesting they have also added for the Mister 

  • Hi @CurlyHair.  I had bleeding after surgery, too. For about two and a half weeks. My GP said she thought it was normal. My gyne-oncologist did an internal exam and said that the opening between where the uterus is no longer and the cervix was closed off with a seam (for want of a better word). The stitches were still bleeding a bit.  It hadn't occurred to me that the cervix wouldn't just be open to my abdomen, but it makes sense they would close it.

    I also had a lot of vaginal mucus during that time frame.  I have never been that wet! The gyne-oncologist said that more is sometimes produced as part of the healing in the area.