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  • LOL!  Dogs always count! :-)  RE:  Jazz, do you like Grover Washington Jr.?  His 'Winelight" album is a total fave of mine.
  • @angel27LOL!  Dogs always count! :-)  RE:  Jazz, do you like Grover Washington Jr.?  His 'Winelight" album is a total fave of mine.
  • Oh my... three movies: Twister   Jurassic Park  Any Star Trek movie or James Bond Movie - but that's way more than three

    First move in a theater:  Ben Hur  or Thunderball - might actually have been Fantasia... but I do remember being in the theater with my mother watching the chariot race in Ben Hur

    Music: First concert was Sammy Davis Jr. with my parents at the O'Keefe Centre in Toronto. What an amazing man!
    We also saw Maurice Chevalier, and Victor Borge

    Albums as a kid?  The Beatles  Chicago  The Monkees   Led Zeppelin   Carly Simon
    Now? Classical - still the Beatles, Sting, Bob Marley, jazz - it's a very eclectic mix on my Ipod including cuts from the albums I had as a kid

    Favourite food?  pasta  preferably with cheese and lots of it

    Last person I high-fived: probably my grandson  I did a COVID elbow bump recently...does that count?

    Spring: I love to photograph wildflowers
    Summer: I love to photograph wildflowers
    Fall: I love to photograph leaves and wildflowers
    Winter: I hibernate and go through all the pictures I took in the spring, summer and fall
    Love to walk all year, but particularly in spring and fall and during a gentle snowfall in the winter
    When inside I read, write (just finished my fourth book), sew (wallets, purses, zip bags) and watch TV (though not as much as I used to). Enjoy baking but the problem is I enjoy eating it too...
  • OK, time for another game!  Let's call this one, "How does your garden grow?"  Any takers?!

    What are your fave veggies to plant and grow?
         Carrots, Bloomsdale longstanding spinach, Cardinal lettuce, Lacinato kale, 'San Marzano' and grape tomatoes, buttercup squash, parsnips, beans, potatoes and more.  Also, while not a veggie, I love to include some 'Love Lies Bleeding' Amaranth in the garden because it's so beautiful

    Fave veggies to eat or ones you wish you could grow?
          Fave to eat:  Green & yellow beans, asparagus, cauliflower, golden beets. Wish I could grow: Vidalia Onions

    Do you grow any fruits and if so, which ones?
         Yes, Saskatoon berries, rhubarb, strawberries, haskaps, canteloupe & watermelon

    Fruits you wish you could grow?
         Pineapples  & guavas

    Least fave veggies, fruits and/or herbs? 
         I really dislike the taste of cilantro!

    Fave annuals, perennials and/or bulbs? 
         Annuals: Petunias (supertunias), Borage. Perennials:; Lupins, Iris, Russian Sage, Daylilies, Hydrangeas & Peonies; Bulbs: tulips
    Fave trees and/or vines?
         Trees: Lindens and almost all conifers. Vines: Jackmanii, Bluebird and Prairie Travellers Joy Clematis' as well as Hops

    Flowers, shrubs and/or trees you wish you could grow?
         Jacaranda trees, Wisteria

    Fave garden 'visitors' and why they're your fave?
         I love all the little birds that come to our baths and feeders, and the bees as well - they're really enjoying all the               flowers on my comfrey plants right now. Both are fun to watch and to photograph.  I have toad houses too but this         year I haven't seen any.

    When did you first plant something that grew and what was it?
         Peas in my grandmother's garden on their farm in Manitoba; I was probably about 3 years old.  I still recall the joy of           picking fresh peas and carrots and eating them right there in the garden; then sucking on the pea pods to get all         the juice!











  • I have two plant on my balcony that hopefully will still be alive when we get home from my son's cottage tomorrow..LOL
    They were doing well when we left, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  • I love gardening as well - so helps the body and the mind - just even being outdoors!
    Yes, there is always a fight over if one loves or hates cilantro ;)
    My fav is rhubarb!
    I planted swamp milk weed again this year and have been rewarded with monarchs and catepillar visits :)<3
  • Jackie
    Jackie Peer Support Vol

    I live in southern Alberta and we have a short growing season for vegetables. In addition, there are few large trees here because they often struggle due to the coolness and lack of moisture. Still I have my favorite, trees, plants and vegetables, we have quite a variety of species growing in our yard.

     What are your fave veggies to plant and grow? 

     We grow carrots, tomatoes and green beans. We also plant potatoes some years or a few peas. 

     Fave veggies to eat or ones you wish you could grow?

     Asparagus, corn and cauliflower 

     Do you grow any fruits and if so, which ones?

     We have saskatoon berries and we also have a crab apple tree. In addition, we grow rhubarb.

     Fruits you wish you could grow?

     Bananas, McIntosh apples and peaches 

     Least fave veggies, fruits and/or herbs?

     I’ve never been a huge fan of onions, broccoli and spinach are also not my favourites.

     Fave annuals, perennials and/or bulbs?

     Tulips, poppies and peonies 

     Fave trees and/or vines?

     We have one of the largest elm trees in Calgary in our backyard that must be about 50 years old. It’s very rare and difficult to get such a tree to grow here. 

     Flowers, shrubs and/or trees you wish you could grow?

     Maple trees are so beautiful when their leaves turn red in the fall.

    Fave garden 'visitors' and why they're your fave?

    I like the bees because I know how essential they are and that they are in danger. I also like any birds that aren't crows or magpies. I love watching Robbins, chickadees and sparrows come to our yard. 

     When did you first plant something that grew and what was it?

     I will never forget the little pine tree I planted after receiving it when I was in the third grade. With my mom’s guidance, I planted it and watered it. Decades later it's still standing — a very large evergreen tree today.


  • nadiaC
    nadiaC Legacy
    Last summer we planted this hen and chicks succulent in our front yard. This year it made a gorgeous flower 😊
  • Gosh, when I retired and moved out to our farm permanently I couldn't wait to work that huge vegetable garden my husband had plowed for us.  In fact the first few years the crop was so abundant that we set up a little stand and sold our organic produce, donating proceeds to the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope.  Right now we just at first harvest...radishes, some of our lettuces, endive....yum.  There is nothing like a salad made with vegetables just picked.

    What are your fave veggies to plant and grow?  Heirloom tomatoes, especially green zebras, butternut squash, lettuce, endive, potatoes, garlic, radishes, eggplant, onions, leeks, and whatever else strikes our fancy each year. And of course a profusion of herbs.

     Fave veggies to eat or ones you wish you could grow? For some reason we never have success with corn.

     Do you grow any fruits and if so, which ones?  We have apple, plum and pear trees. 

     Fruits you wish you could grow? Strawberries and raspberries.

     Least fave veggies, fruits and/or herbs? Cilantro and yellow beans

     Fave annuals, perennials and/or bulbs? We have masses of lilac and peony bushes covering the 11 acres of our property. The scent in the air in the spring is just amazing.  

     Fave trees and/or vines? We have a rare European Black Walnut tree that's about 50 years old. Our arborist says he can't figure out how it's managed to survive out here.  

     Flowers, shrubs and/or trees you wish you could grow? I had planned this year to begin building rose garden.  That didn't happen but still on my agenda, hopefully next year.

    Fave garden 'visitors' and why they're your fave?  We have a profusion of birds out here. Everything from robins, to blue jays, to scarlet tanagers.  My favorites though...snowy owls and ospreys.  Otherwise I just get such a kick out of the rabbits; especially as their young begin venturing out.  

     When did you first plant something that grew and what was it?  Brain fog but I don't recall.  There must be a memory buried somewhere that will surface one of these days.