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Looking for some hope

Has anyone (stage 3c or 4) not reached NED during frontline (carbo/taxol) but then went on to NED using another chemo regimen or clinical trial?  If so, what drugs got you NED?


  • Flowergirl
    Hello @Missy - thank you for your topic - agreed, we are looking for the hope to hang onto. 
    Yes, that would be interesting to hear of other treatments and hoping someone will share.
    I was reviewing some of the earlier posts and wondering how you are doing.
    Are you still in active treatment, on Avastin or which treatment drug?
    You may also want to view some of the other topics, the Lynparza topic or the one referencing clinical trials.
    I hope this message finds you doing ok tonight and perhaps you can join us on the Tuesday Live Chats.
  • Hi @Missy - I'm sorry I missed your post before. I'm not sure how. Im glad @Flowergirl bumped it up. I'm going through my initial treatment and don't have much to fact truth be told I'm not sure what NED means! But I know what hope means. And I am a strong believer that we can always find hope in something. Our hopes may change or shift, but we can always have it. That's what I feel anyways. I control my hope. 

    Sending much love to you tonight.
  • Missy
    Thank you both very much for taking the time to respond.  I really appreciate it! 
    Thank you @Flowergirl for caring and asking how I am doing. My last chemo was on December 1st and I continued on with Avastin alone.  However CA125 continued to rise and I just had a CT which show increase in lymph nodes so oncologist has determined Avastin is not working for me.  I have an appointment Friday at Princess Margaret to see about a clinical trial.  I am very hopeful they will have something that's going to work to get me to NED (no evidence of disease).  
    Thank you @red1976 for your wonderful encouraging words on hope - they really resonated with me... Especially when you say "our hopes may change or shift but we can always have it". You are so right - with cancer there is so much we can't control but we can always control our hope!  
    Again thank you both for caring ❤️
  • Flowergirl
    You are welcome and wishing you well for your appointment @Missy
    I agree @red1976.... it is always changing and even if circumstances are unfavorable, we want the best possible outcome of that and that is the hope.