Any Mucinous sisters out here?

A little about me. I'm 34 and had debulking surgery in June 2017. A tumour the size of a catalaupe was removed. Along with my right ovary, (I had a border line tumour removed along with a salpingo-opphorectomy in 2009). Thrown into surgical menopause after June 2017 surgery, thanfully able to take HRT! Pathology came back as Mucinous Carcinoma 1C, grade 1. I'm currently undergoing 6 rounds of adjuvant chemo, (carbo only). I understand there aren't many with the same diagnosis of Mucinous, we're a rare breed. I'm always looking for others to relate to in a similar situation. Thanks! 


  • Hello @sallyL - welcome to the chat and thank you for sharing.  Yes, I love your topic title and I hope once others see it - if there are any with that same diagnosis, they can share here. I'll check in with my in person support group - I recall most are high grade serous, clear cell and uterine. Wishing you a warm welcome to the site and hope you can join us for the live chat on Teal Tuesdays at 7:00 PM CST 
  • Hello @sallyL!  I was diagnosed with Anaplastic carcinoma in mucinous ovarian Tumor in 2015 at 38 years old.  At that time, I was the 35th reported case in the world.  Not much data out there but my oncologist was very supportive and innovative.  I’m happy to share that I’ve been cancer free for 28 months now, gave birth to twins 17 months ago and then had a total hysterectomy to reduce risk of recurrence.  Always happy to hear from other who relate/share/support/uplift as they’re are not many!
  • Hello @GreenEyes - welcome and thank you for sharing your story. Glad to hear you are doing well and congratulations on the birth of twins!
  • Hello @sallyL, Thank you for starting this thread. I wish I had found it even sooner! After surgery in December my doctors were shocked to receive the pathology that not only was the mass rare it was a rare cancer. We do appear to be unicorns of the cancer community here with mucinous carcinoma. My planned treatment is surgery, which we did feb 24th, to go back and remove the ovary,tube, appendix, ommentum and do many biopsies in the area. I get my results back tomorrow. I’ve joined a lot of support groups through Facebook but found little relate to being this cancer presents so differently and has no widely agreed upon treatment. Was chemo presented as an option for you, or was it a must? Happy to meet you ladies!!!
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