Dry hacking cough

hi ladies

i have been coughing up such a storm now for 7 weeks drs say we will see what the Ct shows 
they gave a cough syrup with codeine also if that doesn’t work take morphine apparently that’s helps with suppressing a cough
any ideas I’d appreciate


  • For relief you should try a cool mist humidifier. I have one that you can insert a Vicks pack and it works unbelievabley well. I know many around me have been struggling with persistent and lingering coughs. I hope you get relief soon!
  • Thank you Red
    im going for my ct scan next week
  • Hi @maryk - hoping your cough is better and you have been able to find some relief.
  • Hello Ladies well now I know why I have this cough and shortness of breath
    cancer is now in my lungs quite a bit of nodules
    the Caylex and Avastin helped all other areas
    now I am on morphine to suppress the cough
    prednisone to help inflammation in lungs 
    also oxygen therapy
    please if anyone out is going through this please Contact me
    i need some moral support

    thank you
  • I’m not going through that but I do want to encourage you to keep fighting! So sorry that you have to go through this and I truly hope the chemo works for you! xo
  • Thank you Jeanne
    how are you doing
  • Hello @maryk - I am also sending warm thoughts your way -sorry you are dealing with these symptoms and disease.
    I am hoping that they are able to get your cough under control to bring you some ease. Please know we are here to support you. 
  • I also have a dry cough but I've been fighting the flu the last few weeks. I get plurel effusions with my cancer and have been told to take the hydromorphone for my breathing. It never occurred to me the cancer may have spread to my lungs!! I'm booked for a CT scan tomorrow. I'm so sorry Maryk that you are dealing with this. Keep fighting girl!! We are all pulling for you. Please keep us posted!!
  • Hi @maryk.  I'm sorry to hear about all this too!  You have an answer about your cough but I'm sure it is not what you wanted to hear.  The treatment sounds like it is no picnic either.  I'm so glad that you have been reaching out through OVdialogue to try and connect with other women who can understand what you are going through.  If you haven't checked out other discussions yet, you might want to go to some discussions where people talk about how they are coping with their disease.  People have posted wonderful pictures of their pets in the Anxiety discussion, writing is helpful for others and there is good information in the books-websites-resources discussion.  Here are some of the links mentioned: 

    We also have a guide for women dealing with recurrence - Still By Your Side.  I don't know if you have received one before or not.  Here is the link to our website where you can order it.

    It doesn't seem that the people who have responded so far have exactly the same issues, but you are in the right place to be seeking support. Keep reaching out here, talking to people and there are also resources at your cancer centre to take advantage of, for example, talking to a social worker. Are you able to talk to your family and friends or is that more difficult?

    You have been a strong and courageous woman dealing with this disease and you can continue to be. But we all need help along the way.  Hopefully, you can find some here.  Please stay in touch.

  • Hi everyone. I wanted to give an update. Maryk has been admitted to hospital. Her heart rate is low and her breathing is very laboured. We have spoken on the phone last week and we have been texting. I was texting with her this morning and she feels her team is giving up on her. I told her that we are all here supporting her. I will update as I know more.
  • Just a new update on Maryk. She is lonely and would love to connect with others on the site. I have her permission to give her number. It's 289-439-6467. I believe she is at Toronto General. Thanks everyone. She needs our prayers!!
  • Hi everyone.  Thanks @Quiltmama for letting us know how maryk is doing.  And thanks to @flowergirl @jeannie @red1976 for responding to maryk in this discussion.   I called @maryk and left a voice mail message as she didn't pick up.  I will text her as well as that may be an easier way for her to engage if she is having difficulty breathing.  Yes, we are here for her and for you and others who are in the midst of difficult times dealing with their disease.  It can be particularly hard to hear when others struggling as maryk is right now.  If you want to, maybe sending a text to maryk is easiest.  @Quiltmama- when you are talking with her again, please tell her we are thinking of her.

    Please use the private message function if you want to talk to me or someone else outside of the public forum.  Or, you can always call me toll free at 1-877-413-7970 x231.  
  • @maryk we are here for you!!! Send me a PM with your email if you'd like to connect that way.  I don't come on here daily and don't always get notifications but i certainly am here if you need. ((((Hugs)))))

    @Quiltmama please let her know I'm praying for her.
  • for certain - thank you @Quiltmama, @Marilyn and @red1976 for letting us know.
    Thinking of you @maryk and hope your team is doing the best to help you be comfortable. 
    Thoughts, prayers and a hug sent your way.  
  • Bonjour!
    Il y deux semaines j'avais la toux sèche aussi et pendant une crise, j'ai eu de vomissements et manque d'air. Je suis allée à l'urgence et aptes un test ils m'ont diagnostiquée en ayant la coqueluche.
    Apres cinq jours avec les antibiotiques tout va mieux.
    Faites attention, il semble avoir une épidémie de coqueluche dans l'air.

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