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Avastin And Caylex

i was wondering if anyone is on avastin and Caylex 


  • So far I am finding these are relatively mild or symptom free. I am starting my second round this week. I get Avastin and Caelyx every month and half way through the month I just get Avastin. During the first round I had no nausea, pain in my joints, or skin problems. The only immediate side effect I had was a persistent  headache for a day which didn't go away using Tylenol 500s. I think this was due to the Avastin as I got it also when I had only Avastin half way through the month Strangely enough the headache went away when I used my migraine medication (generic version of Imitrex). (Checked with hospital  to make sure it was OK to use this during chemo.)
     I am noticeably more tired but my blood and urine levels are carefully monitored throughout this treatment. If I have something needing to be done I do it in the morning as by mid afternoon I am starting to droop.  If it hasn't started to work by the end of the second round (end of January) I hope my oncologist will be able to come up with something else. He is very experienced so I am lucky.
    Last summer I was on Paclitaxel and Carboplatin and those side effects were more difficult to control.
     I will be interested to hear how you are making out.
  • maryk

     I had 2 Nd infusion already  this week is my avastin
    i totally get the fatigue , this time it’s really quite significant
    headaches  is another issue
    i had wkly taxol from May til October this year it brought my ca down but then my ca started going up
    so I have the Caylex and avastin 
    my ct is next week the drs here go by ct imaging not ca.numbers
    a week before I started this treatment which has been now going on 7 weeks I have developed a dry hacking relentless cough
    so I think that’s why the ct scan 
    my ca is still going up apparently that’s how Caylex works it goes up before down for at least 3 infusions
    i live in Ontario what part of Canada do you live?
    i was dx in 2014 stage 3 c serous ovarian cancer
    im going to a very good cancer hospital Princess Margeret Hospital Toronto Ontario
    i would live to keep in touch seeing as we are both on similar treatment 

    Regards Mary

  • I really appreciate the feedback on how you got to  this treatment. I live in south eastern BC.   I was diagnosed in March 2017 - same diagnosis as yours. Over the next five months I had six rounds of carboplatin and paclitaxel and a big surgery to remove reproductive organs and debulking tumour. Thought I was doing fine but ten weeks after final treatment I had a recurrence. I have had lots of  CT scans over the past ten months as part of the monitoring . I get another one at the end of this second cycle. I'm interested to hear that the CA 125 numbers go up and down before finally going down (hopefully for me, too). I had a mild cough and felt a bit short of breath at the beginning of my first cycle but no hacking cough. Just a dry cough that has disappeared but my voice sounds quite croaky these days. I also limit how much I talk every day as my abdominal muscles (where tumour is) get sore with using my diaphragm, for example, to hold my breath until the end of a sentence. Hope you have a good outcome from the CT scan.
    Take care, Sally
  • Flowergirl
    Thank you @maryk and @guinsal for sharing about your treatment with these two medications... it is most helpful to know about treatment experience other than with  Paclitaxel and Carboplatin 
  • maryk
    Any way I can help so others!!!
    thks Flowergirl :):):)
  • One of the side effects of Avastin (Bevacizumab) for me has been a rise in blood pressure. Usually my BP is around 130/ 80.Last week I had the "beginning of the cycle #2" doses of Caelyx and Avastin.Before I was given Avastin my blood pressure was measured, as usual, and it was 192/105. My husband and I share a black sense of humour and we agreed we were in the right place should I have a stroke...I was given two tablets for instant release for high blood pressure and it went down to an acceptable level for the Avastin to be administered. I went straight to my family doctor and now I take one tablet (Amlodipine Besylate)  in the am and am monitoring myself with a blood pressure cuff at home.Fortunately it is going down day by day.
  • maryk
    Guinsal im so glad that you have that side effect u dear control
    im not sure if my coughing and sinus issue are part of the avastin side effects
    i love that you can keep a sense of humour about it
  • I am almost at the end of the second cycle of Caelyx and Avastin  and this time my hands are getting a bit red and sore. Anything that causes friction against the skin can make them hurt a little. (eg twisting caps off bottles, wringing out dish cloths, taking lids off yoghurt containers ) I put Bag Balm on several times a day but it's greasy so I wear cheap cotton gloves bought at the dollar store or pharmacy. The gloves also provide an extra barrier so anything I'm doing with my hands doesn't affect me so much. I wear the gloves through the night,too, to help keep the cream on. I also make sure I don't put lids and screw tops back on tightly after I've got someone else to open them! I would call this a pre-emptive strike rather than that I'm dealing with a severe case of this side effect.
  • Flowergirl
    Hi @guinsal -thank you for sharing how you are coping with those side effects. Those gloves are a good idea!